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When Two Became Three: Dejan Kulusevski’s Impact at Tottenham

They say that good things come in threes. That is certainly true for football, with the modern game increasingly making use of formations and systems that focus on sets of three players able to work together as a unit. Liverpool and City both have a "three", now so do Tottenham.

Introducing Foul Alerts

Betting on cards is a hugely popular market, and I’m delighted to introduce a brand new tool for OddAlerts users that will help give them an edge when it comes to betting on player cards. Foul Alerts.

Announcing OddAlerts v5

It’s that time again. Time to start planning and building a set of new features for a big launch and another milestone in the journey of OddAlerts. This article will give you some insight into how I will be releasing the features that are part of a larger v5 launch.

Getting Started with Football Analytics

Technology is becoming more influential within football. From VAR to player wearables, the game is changing at an incredible pace. Teams are adopting or pioneering new methods for recruitment, training, fan engagement, opposition analysis, and more. This article will focus on the data side of these technologies and show you how you can get started with a career in football.

Finding Teams for Home Win Bets Using Filters

This article will show you all you need to know in order to consistently find the best teams when it comes to betting on the home win market. We will set up a filter together and also check out the trends pages on OddAlerts.

HT/FT Betting Strategies

In this guide, I will show you how to find the best teams for betting on HT/FT combinations using a couple of tools. Betting on HT/FT can often give you more value for money.

Bet Tracking Launches on OddAlerts

I’m delighted to introduce Bet Tracking on OddAlerts, a new way to stay on top of your betting and get a better understanding of where you are going right (or wrong) and make adjustments. In this post, I will explain how bet tracking works, why I feel it’s crucial to adopt as part of your betting strategy, and what I have planned for this new feature.

What Are Football Booking Points?

Betting on card markets is one of the most popular ways to make money when betting on football. Different bookmakers often display the same markets differently. Some bookmakers, like Bet365, will display markets in a familiar and readable way. For example, “+3.5 Cards: Yes or No”. Other bookmakers, like SkyBet, adopt the “Booking Points” approach.

Online Sports Gambling Is Legal In New York City

Welcome to the game, New Yorkers! On Saturday morning, the very first legal online sports bets were placed in the Big Apple. Betting companies were given the all clear to launch in New York as of 9am on Saturday 8th January 2021, and bettors wasted no time in getting involved from the comfort of their own homes.

Asian Handicap Explained

The Asian Handicap is a type of bet that allows you to get a refund in certain situations. There’s more technicalities that will be outlined below but for now, that’s the core thing you need to understand and the main reason that the market(s) are so popular with bettors.

Understanding Expected Goals (xG)

xG (Expected Goals) is a new metric often used in football betting that determines the probability that a shot will result in a goal. xG is recorded on a scale of 0-1 and takes in thousands of variables. In this article we will explain xG with plenty of examples.

2021 Product Summary

Thank you to all of you for an amazing 2021, I could not have done it without you. Here's a look at all of the features and updates that were launched during the past 12 months at OddAlerts.

5+ Safer Betting Markets to Consider

This guide will introduce you to football markets aimed towards a more cautious and long-term betting strategy. We will discuss markets such as: Goal Line, Asian Lines, Draw No Bet, and Double Chance Bet. If you are betting on football to make money, these markets are a sensible way to minimise your overall risk.

Deep Links to Bookmaker Websites

Deep-links are direct and contextual links to bookmakers websites, taking you directly where you need to go. For example, when viewing Premier League xG Stats, the available deep-links will take you directly to the Premier League fixtures on 1xBet and Bet365. Other bookmakers will be added in time.

Responsible Gambling in 2022

At OddAlerts, we would like to encourage safe and responsible gambling for all of our users, and we have put together this simple guide in order to share our own experiences and thoughts on how you can control your betting habits and ultimately save yourself money in the long-run.

Finally, Filtering for Recent Form on Filters

I’m delighted to announce that you can now include ‘Last X’ stats and rules into your filters. This brings a new powerful dimension to the fixture feeds.