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Introducing OddAlerts Chat

I also recorded an audio note about this:

Welcome to a brand-new and highly experimental feature on OddAlerts.


It might be that this falls flat on its face, but it was one of those ideas that takes over your mind and I was unable to leave it alone until something was live on the site. I had the idea on Tuesday after scheduling some content on Twitter and here we are on Friday morning with a working prototype.

I was looking to schedule some tweets on Raheem Sterling and his potential move to Chelsea. I wanted to get thoughts and opinions from those we have following on Twitter, but managing those replies is hard. So why not create a way to see what the community feels about a certain topic?

Having a place on OddAlerts dedicated to contextual football topics is great, and will allow me (or the community) to ask questions that can then live on as evergreen bits of content. I might start the /chat by talking about possible transfers and player performance but ultimately those “topics” could be about anything. We could be previewing a fixture, giving our thoughts on a certain market, or discussing a feature on OddAlerts.

I’m really excited to see where this goes… But for now, I must get back to working on the Smart Alerts!

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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