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OddAlerts Pro: Data-Driven Profitable Betting Systems

Football Betting Data

Your Football Stats Database (CSV Downloads)

Start building your comprehensive football statistics database today with OddAlerts. Our extensive, regularly updated football betting data is essential for those looking to gain an edge in the betting game. Take advantage of data-driven insights to validate your betting strategies, spot value bets, and fine-tune your predictions. With OddAlerts, unlock the full potential of football analytics.

Historic Betting Odds

OddAlerts provides an extensive array of historic betting odds data, capturing the Opening, Closing, and Peak odds from various bookmakers. This comprehensive view of the market trajectory for individual matches allows bettors to understand market dynamics, anticipate trends, and make more informed decisions. With this historical data at your fingertips, you can gain insights into how bookmakers have previously reacted to specific scenarios, facilitating more effective strategic betting.

Powerful Probability Model

At the heart of OddAlerts is our innovative Probability Model. Built with advanced statistical techniques, it gives a mathematically calculated prediction of football match outcomes. This powerful model can be used to find an edge in Expected Value (EV) Value Betting in football, helping to identify when the market is offering more generous odds than our model's predictions. By leveraging these calculated probabilities, you can effectively spot value bets, giving you a significant advantage in your betting strategy. Utilize OddAlerts Probability Model to boost your betting confidence and profitability.

FT Result Betting Data

FT Results (1x2) Historic Odds

Download historical Full-Time (1x2) results to jumpstart your data analysis. This dataset, powered by the OddAlerts Probability Model and Odds History, can be used to construct your own database, test theories, and identify profitable betting strategies. Harness the power of past performance to predict future success.

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Over/Under Betting Data

Total Goals (+2.5,+3.5,-2.5,-3.5)

Dive deep into goals with our extensive Over/Under dataset. This collection covers every goal scored, providing you with markets for both -2.5 and -3.5 and +2.5 and +3.5 goals. The Over/Under markets have proven to be a fertile ground for football value bets. To further refine your strategy, the dataset incorporates the OddAlerts Probability Model for Over 2.5 and 3.5 goals. Harness this information to optimise your value betting approach and elevate your success rate in the Over/Under markets.

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BTTS Betting Data

BTTS Probability & Odds

Unearth the intricacies of the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market with our comprehensive dataset. BTTS may present a challenge, but this collection offers six months of data coupled with our potent Probability Model values, enabling you to craft a winning betting strategy swiftly. Featuring Opening, Closing, and Peak odds, this dataset is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to gain an edge in the competitive BTTS market and spot BTTS trends. Leverage this data to unlock new insights and drive your betting success.

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Football Player Stats

Upcoming Players (72 Hours)

This CSV contains thousands of players, all with games in the next 72 hours. It's very helpful for research into player props and player stats bets, and in the spreadsheet form allows for quick manipulation, sorting, and filtering. Data points such as passes, shots, goals, assists, tackles, blocks, and more are all included. This CSV is automatically updated daily.

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Referee Data

Upcoming Referee Appointments (72 Hours)

This CSV contains all of the referee appointments for the next 72 hours, including all of the stats and data points that you will find on the Referee Stats page on OddAlerts. This CSV will include thousands of leagues, from referee stats in the English Premier League to the Australian A-League. If they're officiating, it'll show up in the CSV.

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Corner Data

Over +8.5 Corners

Corner betting represents a unique and profitable avenue in football betting, and with OddAlerts, you can find excellent value bets in this exciting market. Our Corner Value Bets CSV captures all the insightful output from our robust Probability Model for the last six months, specifically focusing on matches with 8.5+ corners. Additionally, it includes comprehensive historical odds data, allowing you to analyse market trends and behavior for these corner-rich games. Understanding the corner betting market can provide a significant edge in your pre-match betting strategy, and with our extensive data, you can delve deep into this often overlooked but highly profitable betting market. Exploit this lesser-known market to maximize your betting profitability with OddAlerts Corner Value Bets.

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