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18th April 2024
Filter on Predictability, League Progress, and Games Played on Probability Page (Beta App)
11th April 2024
New Toolbar on Probability Page, April CSV Added to Downloads
1-8th April 2024
xG and xGoT Available via API; Ability to Download 6 Month Results from Probability Page
22nd March 2024
Huge Update Filters and the Front-Page: Filter for LIVE xG and xGoT with OddAlerts + Introduction of Trend Filters on the Front-Page
20th March 2024
New Probability Model Page for Beta Testers
13th March 2024
New Trends Page: 3.5+ Goals, New Stats Added to Results Section in Fixture
8th March 2024
Competition Selection on Results
6th March 2024
New Results Section in Fixtures
5th March 2024
2022 Probability Data now Included on CSV Downloads Page
29th February 2024
Live Odds Now Included with API (/fixtures)
28th February 2024
New Filter Rules: Shots, Shots on Target, and Dangeous Attacks
27th February 2024
Bet Tracking: Search Now 30 Days Ahead, New /trends Commands Added to Bot (Half w/ Most Goals, BTTS 1H, BTTS 2H, 3.5+ 1H Corners)
26th February 2024
New Trends Update: BTTS 1H, BTTS 2H, Improved UI
22nd February 2024
You can now view games from Bet Tracking directly from the front-feed, and you can also use league positions in quick filters.
13th February 2024
New /trends command launches on Telegram and users can also now sign up to OddAlerts directly from Telegram
6th February 2024
New Trends Page! BTTS or 2.5+ Goals!
4th February 2024
Updates to Telegram Bot, Including New /Trends Command and 'Login with Telegram
22nd January 2024
Bug Fixes for Bet Tracking Corner Value Bets; Added Date Achieved to Prediction Badges
18th January 2024
Jan 2024 Data Downloads Now Available (Updated Daily)
1st January 2024
Update to Data Downloads: 2023 Bulk Data Now Available
16th December
Ability to Select Any Predicatbility Rating on Value Bets (Poor, Medium, Good, High); Possession Added to Live Filters
1st - 8th December
New Probability Values on API, Payment Method Added: Revolut, Improvements to Availability Alerts, Addded Streaks to Prediction Rankings
29th November
More Data Added to Player Search Tool
22nd November
Asian Handicap Added to Odds Comparison
19th November
Over/Under (1.5, 4.5) Added to Predictions on OddAlerts
16th November
New Odds Comparison Page (Beta)
9th November
New Settings for Pinnacle Dropping Odds Alerts (Market & Timeframe); New Trends API Endpoint (Under 9 Corners)
6th November
Brand-New Advanced Player Search. Early Access for Pro Users
15th October
Improvements to Quick Alerts from Trends
12th October
Back-End Updates to Site-Wide Search
5th October
New API Endpoints: Bankrolls and Bets (Bet Tracking Data)
2nd October
Links to Related Games, Data, and Odds added to Pinnacle Dropping Odds
29th September
Pinnacle Dropping Odds Alerts Launched for All Pro Users
28th September
Improved: Search Ordering and Logic
14th September
New Feature: Pinnacle Dropping Odds
10th September
New Pinnacle Data Source and Odds Explorer. Now Testing with Season Ticket Holders.
4th September
Quickly Favourite Games from Bet Tracking
2nd September
API Launches to Public; Season Ticket Sales Closed
1st September
OddAlerts Launches 'That Football Stats Podcast' on Apple and Spotify
22nd August
Dropping Odds & Odds History Endpoints Added to API Beta
17th August
xG Page Updated for New Season; Odds Movement UI Updates; Fixed Issue w/ Some Odds Reversing
10th - 15th August
New Value Bet Markets: Over/Under 1.5+ Goals; New Mode for API (/Fixtures/Between); OddAlerts Sponsors Fleetwood Town Midfielder!
1st August
Odds Now Available via API; Copilot Support for Predictions Page; New Signup Flow for Users
29th July
Introducing OddAlerts Copilot: Your Betting Companion
18th July
Merge Bankrolls on Bet Tracking
12th July
New UI for Predictions
8th July
Predictions Update: 28 Predictions per Gameweek!
5th July
New Tool: Football Player Comparison

Compare any two players and generate beautiful radar charts that tell a story with data.

27th June
Advanced Player Search BETA is Live for Public Testing. All-New CSV Downloads, Including Odds History (Opening, Closing, Peak Odds)
22nd June
Player Search UI Updates & Quick Player Profiles, API Update
12th June
New to Predictions: Real-World ROI & P/L
10th June
Upgrade to CSV Downloads (Now Usiing Odds History/Movement)
6th June
New Feature: Advanced Player Search!

It's a powerful new way to find potential player bets, allowing you to filter through thousands of player stats using any combination of rules.

31st May
New Page(s): Football Transfer News

The transfer window is opening soon and I really wanted a way to just log all of the latest transfers in a single place, so that's the page I made. You can view it here: football transfer news.

31st May
New Page(s): Football Transfer News

The transfer window is opening soon and I really wanted a way to just log all of the latest transfers in a single place, so that's the page I made. You can view it here: football transfer news.

21st May
New Dataset Download (+8.5 Corners) Now Available
10th May
Bug Fixes and Ranking Improvements for Predictions
7th May
Predictions: View Predictions History for Any User via Rankings
23rd April
Fixture Feed Improvements
8th - 12th April
Back-End Performance Improvements, UI Improvements
2nd April
Minor Bet Tracking Updates

You can now permenantly delete bankrolls from your account after they have been archived.

31st March
Introducing the Football Map + New API Endpoitns

Discover live football games near you with our interactive map. Explore match locations, get stadium details, and access match stats and channels with ease.

New API endpoints added, including the ability to generate simulations on demand and view all upcoming fixtures. The API will be launching for all users soon.

25th March
Introducing the /Learn page. A place for learning all about football betting with OddAlerts.
21st March
New API Endpoint (/Fixtures) Launched. Earn Badges and Rewards on Predictions. Users Can Now Add Predictions Days in Advance.
19th March
Structural Updates to Odds Movement Table: Performance Improvements and More Bookmakers for Team Goals Markets
15th March
Predictions Spotlight Launched, Sam Allardyce: Now Live on AI Press Conference

The Predictions Spotlight will showcase the best users on OddAlerts from the previous gameweek. For the first week, you will see upcoming Predictions from @joe, @richardpeacock, and last week's winner: @JOKER

14th March
New Fixture Simulation UI, Chat with Jose Mourinho: Now Live on AI Press Conference
13th March
Time to Chat...

Welcome to the latest experiment on OddAlerts. This time, we will be using AI to allow you to talk to your favourite football managers, starting with Jurgen Klopp. Head to /Chat to test this out! A new manager will be released each day until next week.

12th March
  • Congratulations to @JOKER, the first winner of the OddAlerts Predictions GW!
  • Speed and UI Improvements on Predictions
  • You Can Now Toggle Between Current Game Week and Last 30 Days
10th March
  • Improved Back-End for Fixture Simulations. New Front-End Going Live This Weekend.
  • Fixed Bugs w/ Predictions and Bet Tracking
  • Upcoming Predicitons Will Now Show Live Games
  • Ordering Improvements for Predictions
6th March
Predictions 1.0 Launch
5th March
Sunday Bug Fixes

After one of the busiest Saturday's ever on OddAlerts, I decided to spend Sunday fixing some bugs and improving the general speed of the site.

2nd March
Predictions Launches on OddAlerts

Social predictions are coming to OddAlerts and starting today, Season Ticket holders can expriment with this new feature.

25th February
Restore Archived Bankrolls

When using Bet Tracking, you can now bring back old bankrolls that you once archived.

23rd February
Pinnacle Availability Alerts

I'm delighted to announce that you can now set availability alerts using the bookmaker Pinnacle. With this release comes a complete rework of the availability alerts, including a new front-end for managing your settings.

18th February
View Alerts on Fixture Feeds

If you're like me, you might set alerts on games from different parts of the site. It can be easy to do and forget, especially from the Trends page. Now, when you visit the front-page of OddAlerts, you will have the option to quickly load games that you have alerts set on.

13th February
New API Endpoint
  • The OddAlerts API has a new endpoint. The ability to pull all of the /correctScore probability values that are upcoming in the next 72 hours.
  • Using the value bets API endpoint, you can now chain multiple markets. Like so: homeWin,btts,draw
12th February
Filter by Market on Value Bets API, New Data Download

You can now filter for a specific market when calling the value bets API endpoint. For example, you might add &market=homeWin if you just wanted to see all of the value bets for the home victory. You can view full documentation on the API (Beta) here. I have also added a new CSV download to the /downloads page. You can now view the past 6 months of fixtures for the BTTS probability model.

9th February
Updates to API, Downloads, and More
  • The value bets API endpoint now supports pagination. View a demo here.
  • Data downloads for past probability fixtures now includes: Games Played, Competition Progress, League Positions.
  • The Trends API will now display fixtures when calling with 0 settings.
  • 'Seen' labels now work across all your devices
  • UI Improvements to /bets
31st January - 5th February
TV Guide, 'Seen Label', and TikTok Videos

I've launched a couple of new things here. The first, is a new feature when using filters on the front-page of OddAlerts. The site will now remember the games you have seen (within the context of a filter) and show you a 'seen' label. Also, I've got my hands on some new data and wanted to build a page for it. So, here's the brand-new TV Guide page. It has one job. To show you what channel(s) a certain game of football is being shown on. This is something I personally wanted as I'm often searching around on my Amazon Firestick for the right channels. Now I can see who's showing what, regardless of country.

29th January
Value Bet Improvements

More improvements have been made to the front-end of the value bets, including the ability to remove friendlies from your value bets. This option is now available in the filters section of the value bets page. I've also added some UI improvements when adding bets to bet tracking from the value bets page.

27th January
Team Goals & UI Improvements

As well as adding WilliamHill to the odds movement DB, there is also the addition of team goals. At this moment, this market is only available on Bet365.

27th January
WiliamHill Added to Odds Movement DB

That's right, there is a new bookmaker inside the odds movement tool. You can now view William Hill odds within the dropping odds pages, the value bets pages, and from within the fixture itself.

24th January
Referee Export Added to Downloads Page
23rd January
Data Downloads

Highly requested, so I'm really glad to get this one out. You can now download massive raw data from OddAlerts. These smart spreadsheets are automatically refreshed every single day. Explore more on the new Downloads page.

20th - 22nd January
UI Improvements & Historical Data Added for 3.5 Goals Probability Values
13th January
Quick Filter Updates

You can now use quick filters to filter for the League Predictability and Over/Under 3.5 Goals

11th January
New Value Bets Market: 3.5+ Goals

Happy New Year! First, I would like to apologise for the slow start to the year. I had hoped to have had a couple of things live by now, but unfortunately picked up a nasty virual around NYE that made coding very difficult. I'm back now and looking to pick up the pace, starting with this first launch of 2023. You can view the new value bet markets on the Value Bets page.

24th December
The Replay 2022 | View The Best Teams from 2022

You can now view the best (and worst) teams from 2022 by checking out The Replay on OddAlerts.

12th December
Fixture Feed Speed Improvements
11th December
More Predictions & Bet Tracking Updates

I've added more detail into the bet tracking notifications, as well as improving the handling of games that go to extra time and penalties. Whilst Predictions and Bet Tracking are using the same system, they can work slightly differently. The user has a lot more flexibility when it comes to the latter, so I had to make sure there was some code that differentiated the two based on what part of the site the user was submitting a bet from.

16th - 20th November
Added to World Cup:
  • Standings, Predictions Competition, Team Stats, and More
16th November
World Cup Experience Launches on OddAlerts
13th November
Bug Fix: Removing FT Results from Favourites
7th November
New UI to show when you have saved bets to tracking from the value bets page.
1st November
A New Twitter Bot!

I have launched a new Twitter bot with a single job: Post a value bet every hour of every day. You can follow the bot right here.

25th October
Fixture Feeds: Speed & Pagination Improvements for Favourites
22nd October
More Prediction Engine Updates:
  • Speed Improvements
  • UX Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs w/ History Mode
  • Added 'History' Per Fixture
  • Refined Search & Added Animations
17th October
Prediction Engine Updates:
  • New Feeds: Popular, Starting Soon, and Live
  • Improved UI (Including Probability Cards)
  • Refined Search and Location on Mobile
16th October
New Result Page Launched
15th October
Predictions Engine

As of yesterday, Pro users can now access the new predictions engine by heading to /predictions. The feedback I'm getting is fantastic and I've used it to push some more changes to the tool, including the ability to see the history of predictions you got back from the engine.

9th October
Improvements to Bet Tracking UI
8th October
Introducing The OddAlerts Prediction Engine: This new page and tool uses the advanced probability data on OddAlerts to allow you to generate predictions on demand. This page is available at /predictions for Season Ticket holders during the initial testing period. Today also brings an update to the Value Bets API.
4th October
Launch 'The Weekeend', a new show on OddAlerts TV. I've also added more control over your bets in tracking. You can now settle individual bets as lost, outside of the automated system.
29th September
Revamped OddAlerts TV Design & New Hire to Manage Content. A Huge Welcome to Steve! 👋
23rd September
Performance and UI Improvements on Bet Tracking. Bug Fixes within Fixtures. Snapped Scrolling on Stat Scrollers Within Same League.
17th September
Fixed Bug w/ 'In Bets' Label on Value Bets
16th September
Filter for League Progress % from Value Bets
13th September
Instantly Save Bets to Bet Tracking from Value Bets Page
29th August
Bug Fixes on xG Page
24th August
Value Bets API Update, Save LIVE Filters

I've made a couple of changes to the value bets API and you will need to amend your code or scripts ever so slightly. The field that used to be called 'best_odds' has now been renamed to 'latest_odds'. It makes more sense, especially with the second addition: peak odds. This new value will allow value bets that saw the odds drop before KO still show up on the results API. You can also go into the odds object and view the peak for each bookmaker. When viewing the results API, the value will be calculated based on the peak vs the probability model. When viewing the upcoming fixtures, it will remain the same (comparing the current best odds to the probability model output). Also, you can now save filters that contain live rules to be used again quickly from the home page.

22nd August
Bug Fixes for Correct Score Page and Value Bets
8th August
xG Page Updated with New League Data
5th August
Season Toggle for Player Stats
3rd August
Referee Page Improvements
  • Fixed Bugs with Country List & Quick Sorting
  • Shows All Upcoming Referees, Regardless of Card Market Availabiltiy
  • New Filter & Sorting Options
  • Sorted by KO Time by Default
  • Improved UI
26th-29th July 2022
Streamer Tools, Quick Filter Update
14th July 2022
New Stats and Filter Added to Trends API
  • 2.5+ Goals Added
  • 3.5- Goals Added
  • Ability to Filter using 'minGames' for Games Played
  • Fixed Labels for Some Competitions Appearing as Cups
13th July 2022
New Smart Alert: First Goal Time
12th July 2022
Updates to Value Bets API
  • Access to Competition Data
  • Access to Multiple Bookmakers
  • Opening Odds Added to Endpoint
7th-11th July 2022
Minor Updates
  • 'Settle as Winner' Added to Bet Tracking
  • Support for Live Streams Inside Fixtures
  • New Trends Page: First Goal Time (AVG)
  • Date Now Showing Per Bet on Bankrolls
  • Corner Total Shows in Fixture Feed
  • Smart Alert Available to Pro Users
5th July 2022
Minor updates
  • Added More Stats to H2H View
  • Fixed Issue with Duplicate Messages Being Sent on Telegram
4th July 2022
New Feedback Page

I've loved getting feedback on Twitter and Discord, and I'll continue to do that. However, I have now created a back-end for myslef where I can log all of the bits of feedback that are sent, and you can now directly contribute to that table by adding some feedback on the new Feedback page.

1st July 2022
Introducing OddAlerts Chat
27th June 2022
Redesigned Blog, Introducing: The Journal

I have added support for audio notes on the OddAlerts Blog, now called 'The Journal'. I went for this name as it best outlines what I want that page to be going forward: A personal blog from the founder, detailing the latest about the OddAlerts journey and what's to come in the future.

26th June 2022
Minor Updates
  • More Corner Market Support for 'In Bets' Label on Value Bets
  • Landing Page Dedicated to Foul Alerts
  • Fix for Alert Indication on Trends Caching After Deleting Alerts
  • Odds Movement Overlay Now Follows when Scrolling
  • Improved UI when Activating Odds Movement Tool
25th June 2022
Minor Updates
  • BTTS Added to Trends API
  • 1.5+ & 2.5+ Goals Added to Trends API
  • API Documentation Launched
  • 'Focus Filter' Added to Trends API
  • UI Improvements on Navigation
  • 'is_friendly' added to Value Bets JSON Export
  • Bookmaker Labels Added to Value Bets
24th June 2022
Trends API Endpoint Launched
22nd June 2022
Minor Updates
  • Games Played Added to Value Bets API
  • Probability Rounding Now Synced Across API
  • Fixed Issues for Some Users When Filtering Correct Score Page
  • Ability to Set 100% Increase Alerts from Trends
18th June 2022
Minor Updates
  • Better Support for Markets on Bet Tracking
  • UI Syncing on Value Bets Page
17th June 2022
OddAlerts Turns 2 Years Old! 🎂

Happy Birthday to OddAlerts, who is now a toddler... OK, maybe a little more sophisticated than that. To celebrate, I have launched 5 new Trends pages and will be giving away a season ticket to one lucky winner on Twitter.

11th-12th June
First Updates to Value Bets + Minor Updates
  • Export Value Bets as JSON
  • Fixed Issue with Bet Tracking Not Listing Markets for Certain Games
  • Added Results Page and Settings Per Market to Value Bets
  • Speed Improvements to Value Bets
10th June
New Value Bets Page
  • Now Only Shows Value Bets
  • All-New Filtering Options
  • Faster Odds Updating
  • Automatically Shows Best Value Bet (3 Bookies)
  • Select Specific Bookmaker
  • View Next 5 Days
  • Filter Based on League Rating + Cups
  • Export History & Upcoming Games (Soon)
  • Favourite from Value Bets (Soon)
  • Filters Per Market
  • Automated Alerts (Soon)
1st June
Update to Bet Tracking:
  • Better Support for FT / Extra-Time Situations
24th May
New Filter Rules for Odds:
  • 0.5+ 2H Goals
  • 1.5+ 2H Goals
  • FT Asian Corners (8-11)
22nd May
Bet Tracking: Re-Settle Bets

What can sometimes happen is that certain data, like corners or cards, are corrected after FT. Some users reported that bets had settled incorrectly on Bet Tracking and until now it was a manual process in terms of me re-settling the bets for you. The data is always updating in the background at OddAlerts, and 90% of the time the correct data for your bet has already landed, but you need the ability to re-settle. You can now do this by clicking on the title of your bet from the Bankroll view and hitting 'Resettle'.

21st May
Favourite Games from Fixtures

That's right, you can now favourite games from within the fixture. Previously, you could add games to favourites from the fixture feeds. This has been a highly requested feature for a long time, so I am happy to finally get it done for you all.

18th May
Dropping Odds Page Launched

6th May
Odds Movement Launched

30th April
Corner Value Bets, Fixture Feed UI & Odds Update
  • View 8.5+ Corners on the Value Bets Page
  • Implied Odds Shown Alongside Probability Scroller
  • 1H + 2H Goals, Goals by Half, HT Result Added to Odds Scroller
29th April
Bet Tracking Notifications

This is really cool. You will now recieve a notification when your bet(s) are settled on OddAlerts. Settlement using Bet Tracking was already automated, but now you'll know exactly when your games have finished and how your bets did. Perfect if you're testing a new system with plenty of games to track.

27th April
  • Speed Improvements Site-Wide
  • Caching for Player Profiles
  • New Menu for Trends Pages
  • 1H Corner % (Over X) Added to Filter Rules
25th April
  • Team Positions Added to Player Profiles When Looking at Game-by-Game History
24th April
Correct Score Filters, Odds Tool Update, OddAlerts on TikTok
19th April
View Leagues by Stats & Rankings

There's now a better way to explore leagues. By Stats! From the Leagues page, there is now a new menu for ranking all of the active leagues in the world by a single stat. Here's an example for Home Wins

16th April
Export for Correct Score Probability Data

Happy Easter! Many have been asking to get their hands on the data behind the Correct Score Predictions page, and you can. Exporting will grab the next 48 hours worth of fixtures for you and export the probability values for each scorline in a single spreadsheet.

15th April
BTTS:No for Trends and Odds Tool Update

Firstly, the Odds Performance Tool now works in a slightly different way, giving you more precise results. When looking at pre-match odds, the tool will use the exact odds and calculate the profit as if you had bet on each game. Previously, it used the 'Min Odds' that you selected. This method works wonders when exploring peak odds, but for pre-match bettors I believe this to be a big improvement on the tool

13th April
View Past Seasons on Leagues

Users are now able to view previous seasons with the recently launched League pages. This will be very useful when new leagues are starting up, like in Finland at the moment, and you want to check the standings from the previous campaign. Also a Happy Songkran to everyone in Thailand!

~March/April 2022
Small Changes Pre v5
  • Live Fixtures Now on Correct Score Page
  • Access Triggered Alerts on Bet Tracking
  • Link to Player Stats from Exports
  • New Trends Page: Bore Draw
  • Overall Stats at League Level Added (Goals PG, Cards PG, BTTS, Etc)
  • Quick Link from Feeds to League Pages
  • Trend Exports Now 48 Hours
Gradual Rollout
  • Watch Announcement Video
  • Launched So Far for Pro Users to Test:
  • Player Stats
  • Live In-Play Player Dashboard
  • Always-On Foul Alerts
  • Bet & Bankroll Sharing
  • View All Upcoming Fixtures from Player Hub
  • Set Alerts on Odds Based on % Increase
  • Export Data to CSV from OddAlerts (Trends, Players)
  • Player Stats Available for ALL Users
  • Introducing Leagues on OddAlerts
  • Profitability Per League on the League Pages
  • Filter by Season on League Profitability
9th February 2022
  • Total Corners 1H Added to Bet Tracking
  • More Stats Added as Stat Scroller Options
  • Converted Odds Added to Correct Score Page
  • Code Added to Allow Users to Extend Availability Alert Limits
  • 'Related Lists' Added to List Sharing
  • Home/Away Goals by Half Added to Bet Tracking
  • Search Mode Added to Bet Tracking
5th February 2022
  • Introducing Correct Score Predictions (Powered by Data)
  • Fixed Bug with 'Result & BTTS' Bets Not Saving
4th February 2022
  • New Pro page launched
31st January 2022
  • Card Markets Now Supported on Bet Tracking
  • View Popular Games on Bet Tracking
  • Scores Now Visible on Odds Performance Tool
28th January 2022
  • Major Bet Tracking Update: Multiples & Bet Builder Support
24th January 2022
  • Improved Bet Selection UI
  • Added to Bet Tracking:
  • 1H / 2H Team Corners
  • 1H / 2H Corner Match Result
  • Corner Timing Bets (E.g 76 Mins + Corner)
23rd January 2022
  • Team Corners, BTTS & Result Added to Bet Tracking
21st January 2022
20th January 2022
  • Note Taking Added to Bets & Bankrolls
18th January 2022
  • Bet Tracking Launches on OddAlerts: Read More
16th January 2022
  • Fixed Bug with Sorting Fixture Feeds by Live Stats
  • League Name Added to Quick Stat Previews
  • Fixed Bug with Filters: Showed No Games with Certain Odds Rules Applied
  • Filters Now Show Last 30 Days as Default
8th January 2022
5th January 2022
  • xG Page Content Update
  • Deep Link Improvements
31st December
  • Bug Fixes & Enhancements for Availability Alerts
  • Deep Links Added to Availability Alerts.
28th December

Insights by OddAlerts aims to improve your relationship with betting in 2022 by regularly posting helpful guides, video tutorials and deep-dives into various areas of betting.

OddAlerts Year Review

Thank you for all your amazing support this year. I could not have done it without you.

22nd December
  • Introducing Live Filtering!

That's right, you can now filter through live fixtures form the fixture feeds. Filter and sort things like Pressure, Shots, Attacks, Fouls, Minutes, and more! Remember, you can also combine these stats with pre-match stats for a powerful and precise look into the fixtures currently being played around the world.

21st December
  • Quick Filter Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Improved Labels for Rules on Filters
18th December
  • Card Stats Support Added to Quick Stats
  • Ability To Delete Filter from Quick Filters
  • New YouTube Video: Understanding Availability Alerts
  • Happy Birthday, Grandad 🎈
16th December
  • Introducing Quick Stats: See Contextual Stats Before Digging Deeper Into Fixtures.
15th December
  • Improved Voting System on BOTD

I’m really loving the enthusiasm around the #BOTD on OddAlerts. Since launching, more and more of you have been submitting what you feel offers the best value for that given day. One of the first experiments I ran was to include the ability to “Vote”, and whilst this has certainly improved the general number of submissions, it has also seen many days where the initial 'top vote' will pull away. There seems to be a tendency for many users to select a bet from the existing top 3 votes, even if the difference between the submissions at that point is not too great. This will level the playing field.

14th December
  • Last X for Quick Filters!
  • Date Range Added to Filter Tracking

I’m delighted to announce that you can now include ‘Last X’ stats and rules into your filters. This brings a new powerful dimension to the fixture feeds and also the planner page. You can create thousands of different combinations of rules to find the games that are right for your strategy or market. In the announcement Tweet, I take a look at adding some basic rules with a view to finding games that might end with BTTS. You can now see how your filter is performing across different date ranges. Previously, you would see the total number of games that the filter has found but with more new seasons getting underway, users suggested that they would appreciate knowing how the filter has performed in the past week, month, or 90 days. As well as this, I have also implemented some bug fixes and improved the general speed of the filtering.

13th December
  • Automated Bet Tracking Implemented for Upcoming Bet Tracking Feature
  • BOTD Page Will First Utilise This Underlying Functionality
  • P/L (Profit and Loss) Added to BOTD
10th December
  • Filter Name will Appear on Alerts When Used to Create Alerts
4th December
  • Fixed Broken Login Link on Certain Pages
  • UI Improvements for BOTD
3rd December
  • Improved BOTD Design
  • Added Voting to BOTD as Experiment
  • Fixed Search Box Issue for Users on iOS 5.1+
1st December

You can submit a 'BOTD' from any fixture that has odds, simply go to the #BOTD tab and select your market. You can submit BOTD submissions for fixtures in the future as well as for those being played today. Any user that submits a 'Bet of The Day' will automatically be entered into a daily giveaway of OddAlerts Pro! This daily event will be running from 1st December to 24th December and the winners will be announced on Twitter at 18:00.

27th November 2021
  • New Rules Added to Filters and Quick Filters:
    • Corners For (% Occurrence)
    • Corners Against (% Occurrence)
    • Corners 1H For (% Occurrence)
    • Corners 1H Against (% Occurrence)
    • Most Goals (1H, 2H, Tie)
25th November
23rd November
  • Added Abiltiy to Set Alerts on 0.5+ 1H Asian Corners
  • New Stats Added to Fixtures (Corners, Goals by Half)

Do you like betting on corners? Then I think you'll love this update. You can now see the actuals and occurances for 1H/2H/Total Corners For and Against. As always, you can quickly toggle between different form types when viewing this data. Also added to the fixtures is Most Goals by Half. The next step for me is building these stats into the filters and creating sections for them on the Trends pages.

22nd November
  • Key Stats Now Including w/ Goal Line & 1H Goal Line Alerts
16th November
15th November

Since availability alerts launched, allowing you to be notified when markets dropped on Bet365, one of the most requested features was to allow this to be automated and managed at the league level. I'm delighted to announce that you can now do just this. It will save so much time for those who love and/or need to see the odds as soon as they go live on Bet365. For every league in the world, you can select from 4 groups: Basic, Cards, Corners, and Specials.

10th November
  • More Odds Added to Quick Filters
  • Bug Fixes for Filter Tracking
  • Beta Testing of League-Level Availability Alerts Started
2nd November

You can now use OddAlerts to see what the communtiy is betting on with Polls. Select a game from the Polls page and vote on the player that you feel will get booked in that game.

30th October
  • Fixed Issue with Exporting Alerts
  • # of Alerts Upcoming Added to Alerts Page
29th October
25th October
19th October
18th October
  • Live Fixtures Will Stay/Show on Trends Page
14th October
  • 2+ Team Cards Added to Trends
  • UI Improvements to LIVE
  • 'Odds Required' Now Selected by Default on Fixture Feeds
  • Fixed Issues with LIVE Fixtures Not Being Removed
12th October
  • Speed Improvements to LIVE Section
  • LIVE Fixtures Now Ordered by Time Elapsed
  • In-Play Fixtures Will Update, Even When Outside of LIVE Mode
11th October
6th October
  • Team Goals Added to Trends Page.
  • Odds Filtering Added to Quick Filters
3rd October
1st October
  • Improvements to Search Bar (Added Filtering Out of Results)
30th September
  • More Items Added to Menu for Larger Screens
29th September
  • Trends Page Launched
  • Automated Trend Summaries from Sunday October 3rd
26th September
  • 2H Corner Stats Added to Tables in Fixtures
24th September
  • Upcoming Fixtures Added to xG Pages
  • Trending Fixtures Renamed to Popular Fixtures
  • Referee Improvements: Leagues Ordered by Most Recent, Combined Shows Automatically, Bug Fixes.
20th September
  • Trending Games Launched
17th September
  • xG Implemented and Dedicated xG Page Launched
  • xG AVGs Added As Filter Rules
  • Automatic Referee Alerts Enabled for All Pro Users
  • Introducing: 'Upcoming' for Quick Filters. View 5 Days Ahead.
  • New, Quicker Calendar UI

Important: From Monday 20th September, the cost of an OddAlerts Pro membership will increase from £9.99 to £12.99. OddAlerts Pro launched a year ago and the number of tools, features and data is always expanding. At £12.99, I still believe the service offers amazing value for money. All existing subscriptions will not be effected. Finally, there are a few things coming next week that just missed out on making this build.

12th September
  • Improved & Fixed Bugs for Sorting on Fixture Feed
10th September
  • Referee Page Performance Improvement
  • Get Automated Alerts on Your Favourite Refs!
6th September
  • 2H Goal Stats Added to Fixture + Team Tables
5th September
  • 2H Corner Stats Added to Trends
  • Fixed Issue w/ Certain Fixtures Crashing
  • Fixed Bug Effecting Some Users on Probability Page
2nd September
  • 'Both Teams to Be Carded' Added to Availability Alerts
  • Fixed Issue with 1.5 Goals Odds Not Showing on Bet Builder
  • Bug Fixes on Odds Comparison Tool
1st September
  • Merged Stats / Form for Referee Profiles
31st August 2021
  • Sorting Added to Quick Filters
  • UI Improvements to Quick Filters

Thank you for all of the feedback on v4, it has been fantastic. As soem of you know, I am planning out some changes to the referee page but really wanted to get this live before I started, as I think it will be very powerful for all of you that have been making the most of Quick Filtes. You can now sort the fixture feed by any of the rules you have on your filter.

24th August 2021
  • Odds Comparison Tool
  • Quick Filters from Fixture Feeds
  • Discord Launched
  • Rivalries Added
6th August 2021
  • Last 25 Will Now Show in Fixture Feeds (If 0 Games Played)
28th July 2021
  • Goals Mapped to Pressure Monitor
27th July 2021
  • League Positions Included on Results Section
24th July 2021
  • Detailed Pressure Tracker for Live Fixtures
  • AVG Pressure for Live Fixtures
23rd July 2021
  • Starting Lineups Added to Fixtures
22nd July 2021
  • New In-Play UI
20th July 2021
  • Introducing Pressure for Live Fixtures
  • Easily See Results (Tick / Cross) on Probability Page

As mentioned previously, the next step after launching the detailed live trends for live matches was to create a unique method for calculating pressure and current momentum. This is now live and will be monitored and updates as we learn new things from the data we are seeing.

14th July 2021
  • Goals Now Mapped Onto Live Trends
  • Visual Feedback on Skipped Fixtures Now Shows on Filters
  • Trends by Minute Now 5 Minute Blocks
13th July 2021
  • New Vertical View for Live Trends
  • Combined / Total Shots Now Available for Live Trends
  • Trends by Minute Now 5 Minute Blocks
10th July 2021
  • View Data Per Minute on Fixtures
7th July 2021
  • Live Trends Per Fixture
  • Open Fixtures Will Automatically Update
  • Fixed Issue w/ Crashes on H2H Section

This is the start of a deeper set of tools for looking into pressure and momentum on live fixtures. You can see the trend for in-play data, like attacks, dangerous attacks, shots, corners, and more.

1st July 2021
  • All New Search & Revamped Menu

I have developed a completely new way of finding fixtures on OddAlerts. From anywhere on the site, you can now type into the search bar to find upcoming games. Try searching for the team name, or even the league you're interested in. There's a lot more coming here, but this is a great starting point.

25th June 2021
  • Last 25 Will Show by Default For Leagues w/ 0 Played
  • Last 25 Support Increased for 500+ Leagues
  • Probability Page: KO Time Added to Future Games
24th June 2021
  • Minimum Games Filter on Probability Page
  • Default Menu Added to Probability Page
22nd June 2021
  • Improvement to Menu Performance
18th June 2021
  • Last 25 Support for More Leagues

I will be testing the 'Last 25' button on more leagues this week, with a view to having it fully supported as soon as possible. This will be a massive help for those leagues just getting underway, like in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and more. When looking at the last 25 games, it will show you the fixtures from all competitions.

17th June 2021
  • OddAlerts Turns 1 Years Old!
  • View Last 250 Fixtures (vs 100) on Odds Performance Tool

I would like to thank everyone that has used OddAlerts over the past 12 months. Starting the site during the pandemic was a risk, but I knew that I would ultimately regret not taking action on an idea that had been eating away at me for a couple of years. From the first day, right up until this very moment, the feedback and support has been incredible. The community is probably one of the things I am most proud of when it comes to OddAlerts. It’s full of people willing to share, learn and not take themselves too seriously. I love that.

15th June 2021

Thanks to James for suggesting this after noticing more markets becoming available in Australia recently. When looking at the fixture feed, you will now see a number where the odds indicator used to be. This is the number of markets currently open on Bet365.

14th June 2021
  • Deleted Alerts No Longer Included in Alert Export Tool
12th June 2021
  • ✨ Euro 2020 Games Will Show Last 25 Fixtures
11th June 2021
  • Euro 2020 Page!
  • Competitions with 0 Games Played Will Show Most Recent Season
7th June 2021
  • Update To Automatic League Exclusion

A key update to the way filters are tracked, and league exclusion works. Previously, automatic league exclusion would work great if you created a filter right now, and then looked forward from that moment. What started to happen, however, is that leagues that later dropped below your settings would then be excluded from the overall filter tracking. That's not the way it should work, so I have added the ability for the filter to track the progress of a league whislt it's calculating the overall hit rate of your filter. This way, we can include the fixtures that would have come up for you, based on the success of that league at the time that fixture was played. Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback. The filters were technically working as they should, but this will give everyone better results and ultimately more confidence when it comes to betting based on filters.

3rd June 2021
  • New Date Selector: View Fixtures From Date of Your Choice
  • 'Without League Excusion' Tracking Added to Filter Tracking
1st June 2021
  • New Odds Performance Tool
  • View Results for Any Market
  • Support for Refunds
  • New Design
  • AVG Winning Odds
  • Set Max Odds for Pre-Match
  • View Last 100 Results
25th May 2021
  • Filter Results Page Will Show Excluded Fixtures
24th May 2021
  • New Layout and Filtering Options for Probability Page
23rd May 2021
21st May 2021
  • 1H Corners Added to Trends and Stat Tables
20th May 2021
  • All New H2H Section Inside Fixtures
18th May 2021
  • Clear FT Fixtures Only for Favourites
15th May 2021
  • Fixed Caching Bug with Filters
  • + / - Buttons for Odds Performance Tool (When Handling Large Data)
14th May 2021
  • League Stats + Tables Added Inside Fixtures
  • League List in Filters Sorted by Hit Rate
  • The ✨ In League Lists Incdicates Exclusion by Automation
  • Odds Performance Tool Now Respects New Filter Automation Settings
11th May 2021
  • Viewing Past Fixtures will Now Show Frozen Stats
  • Text-Search Added for League Finder
  • Share URL Accessible at FT
10th May 2021
  • Major Filter Update
  • Filter by Market + Min Odds
  • Automatic League Exclusion Based on Hit Rate
  • Automatic League Exclusion Based on Fixtures Found Per League
  • Include-Only Mode for Leagues
  • Improved Tracking Speed
2nd May 2021
  • Improved Speed for Filter Tracking

From Monday onwards I'll be working on some long-due improvements to filters and the way they are tracked, including a better system for managing leagues. This Sunday I was able to re-write the majority of the tracking, and it's now much faster. This needed to be done with all the additional data and historical fixtures that have been added recently.

1st May 2021
  • Dates / KO Time Added to Referee Page
  • Formations Added to Fixtures
30th April 2021
  • Better Filtering on Bet Builder

Previously, the Bet Builder would simply look at the last 5, 6, and 10 games. Overall. Now, it will look at the last 5 games played at home, the last 5 played away, and so on. This has already brought some amazing games forward!

29th April 2021
  • Toggle Between KO Time and League Positions on Bet Builder
  • Averages Added to Trends UI
  • Events Inside Fixture Now Clickable
28th April 2021
  • Introducing Trends

Trends is a new section within the fixtures that will allow you to compare stats between two teams, as well as seeing an overview of totals across the season so far.

26th April 2021
  • Last 5, 6 and 10 Options for Bet Builder
  • Fixtures on the Bet Builder will now stay on the page until FT, including live scores.
25th April 2021
  • League Positions Added to Fixture Stats
  • Impoved Accessibility UI on Alerts + Fixture Pages
  • Created Script to Catch Middle-Eastern Fixtures w/ Reversed Teams
24th April 2021
  • Bet Builder:
  • +1.5 Home Goals
  • +1.5 Away Goals
  • +8 Corners
  • Improved Layout
  • New Visual UI for Stats Being Used
  • Win 1 Year of Pro
23rd April 2021
  • First Updates for Bet Builder

An incredible reaction to the new page, and I'm excited to see where it can go in the future. I have made some changes based on initial feedback and my own thoughts on the the design. First, the bet slip is now contained in the header, and can be accessed and viewed at anytime. The fixtures now show the kick-off time, and are divided by date. More fixtures are now bring brought in too, previously there was a limit of 20 per market.

22nd April 2021

A new, experimental page on OddAlerts that will act as another way of quickly finding potentially profitable fixtures. The page will return a set of fixtures that are qualified for the following markets: Home Win, Away Win, BTTS, +2.5 Goals, +1.5 Goals. As I say, this is a little experiment so I'm excited to see what you all think of it.

19th April 2021
  • New Filter Rules!
  • Add 'Max' Property to Odds Performance Tool

A major update to the filters in the way of 20+ new rules. This will allow for even deeper filters. All of the stats in the previous update can now be used as filter rules.

17th April 2021
  • New Stats Added to Fixtures:
  • Occurance % for Goals Scored
  • Occurance % for Goals Conceded
  • Occurance % for 1H/2H Goals Scored
  • Occurance % for 1H/2H Goals Conceded
  • Occurance % for Team Cards
  • Occurance % for 1H/2H Cards
  • Scored First
  • BTTS by Half
  • Goals After 70 Mins
  • Scored 70 Mins
  • Conceded 70 Mins
14th April 2021
  • Injury Lists and Weather Per Fixture
12th April 2021
  • Core DB + Stats Computation Update

Software development is like constantly travelling up and down hill, only in this context, going 'down hill' is not a bad thing. It's the fun part. The quick and constant iterations and updates happen on the way down the hill! The work I have been doing in the last couple of weeks has taken us up that hill. Tough, much-needed work on the database to allow new filter rules and historical seasons to be added with much more flexibility. Adding previous seasons and data was always possible, but having it work the way I wanted with filters was the tricky part, and a lot of the current code needed to be rewritten. These tasks are the things you don't see in the background that makes OddAlerts tick. It will allow for more features and interesting additions to be added. We have to go up hill to enjoy the ride down, and that ride starts here!

24th March 2021
  • New Alert Setting: Create Basic Alerts Using 'Before' X Minutes.
23rd March 2021
  • Filters: View League Performance for Excluded Leagues
20th March 2021
  • HT/FT + DNB Added to Custom Availability Alerts
18th March 2021
  • Upcoming Feeds Inside Filters Will Now Show LIVE Fixtures
  • Edit Filter Button from Within Tracking
17th March 2021
  • Bug Fixes for Stat Scrollers + Upcoming Feed within Filters
  • Date Added to Sent Alerts on Alerts Page
15th March 2021
  • You Can Now Select All on The Planner Across Multiple Days
  • Presets Linked to Deleted Alerts Will Now Show
  • New Layout for Updates Page
  • League Name, Country and Deleted Status Added to Alert Exports
  • New Sorting Options on Explore Page
  • Load More Preferred to Pagination on Explore Page

Lots of little things added and/or fixed today, and I believe the changes to the Explore page will help a lot of you who were seeing plenty of the same filters over and over again. Those that are clones will no longer be included, and you can now filter for the number of fixtures found, or if the filter has excluded leagues or not.

Between 7th - 12th March
  • Export Alert History to CSV / Excel
  • Introducing Insight – Comments and Discussion for Pro Users
  • Introducing Presets
  • Availability Alerts Now Include Odds
  • Planner UI Improvements
  • 15+ New Desired Outcomes
  • Delete Individual Alerts or All Upcoming Alerts
  • Better Sorting and 'Load More' on Alerts Page
  • A New and Improved Alerts Page
  • Peak Odds + Probability on Value Script
  • UI Improvements
  • Filter Explore Page by Desired Outcome
  • Speed Improvements to Explore Page
  • View Testing / Trusted Filters within Feeds
  • Create + Share Lists
  • Probability Stats Scroller (Shortcut: 5)
  • Improved Filter UI with Sorting
  • Introducing Filter Types: Testing & Trusted
  • Stats Scroller Speed Improvements
  • Fixed Issue with Favourites Not Loading Stat Scrollers
28th February
25th February
  • Set Default Market on Odds Performance Tool
  • Toggle Between Pre / Peak Odds
  • Bug Fixes
23rd February
  • Further Improvements to Odds Performance Tool
22nd February
  • Favourite Referees
  • Introducing: Odds Performance Tool
21st February
  • AVG Odds for Filters
20th February
  • View Upcoming Fixtures from Filters Page
  • Improved UI for Filters Page
  • Selected Stats Scroller Now Showing When Viewing Tracking Results
19th February
  • Tighter Intergration Between Filter Settings and Upcoming Feeds
  • New Desired Outcomes:
  • Goal After 70 Mins
  • Goal Between 40 - 45 Mins
  • Goal Between 85 - 90 Mins
  • Corner Between 40 - 45 Mins
  • Corner Between 85 - 90 Mins
16th February
  • Further Speed Improvements for Filters
13th February
  • View Top Performing Public Filters
  • Recommended Alert Button for Value Bets

Two things I have been wanting to launch for a while, and both highly requested. The recommended alert button on the value script page will set an alert on all game for that group. As an example, clicking it for the 1H Goals Likely group will set an alert on all games for +0.5 1H Goals Hitting 2.00. You can now view the top-performing filters via the filters page. More to come in this area soon.

12th February
  • Filter Caching Improvements
  • Desired Outcome Breakdown Per League
  • Better League Exclusion Handling

I have refactored the caching of filters so that when you exclude a league, you will not have to clear the cache. Now, the only time the cache will be cleared on your filter is when you change the settings, like adding rules or desired outcomes.

11th February
  • View 0 - 90 Mins on Goal / Corner Timings
10th February
  • Save Favourites Inline From The Feed
  • Excluded Leagues Now Ommited from Upcoming Results

If you have excluded a league from your filter results, it will now also be excluded from your upcoming fixtures when viewing that specific filter. I have removed the abiliy to favourite a game from the fixture, instead introducing a new button to the feed.

9th February
  • Exclude Leagues from Filter Tracking
8th February
  • Basic League Performance for Filters
5th February
  • Basic Caching Added to Filters
4th February
  • New Filter View
  • View All Past Results Per Filter
  • View In-Play Stats for FT Games (In Feeds)
  • View Peak Odds (In Feeds)
  • Filter Tracking Required Odds by Default (Editable)
2nd February
  • Improved UI
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Switching Data

When viewing any fixture feed (and on Desktop), simply hit 1 for Stats, 2 for Live Stats, and 3 for Odds (or Live Odds if a game is in-play).

1st February
  • Live Odds Automatically Show Inside Feed
  • Better Positioning of Stats/In-Play/Odds Toggle
  • 🎈 Happy Birthday, Nana
31st January 2021
  • Improvements to Initial Referee Data
  • UI Indicator If Game Has Card Markets (Ref Page)

The referee page will now show referees that have upcoming fixtures AND the card markets are available on Bet365. If there is no upcoming fixtures with card markets available, it will show a list of referees with the highest cards per game averages, with all officials taking charge of 5 or more games to be included.

30th January 2021
  • Speed Improvement When Searching by Text
29th January 2021
  • View UI Element for Switching Between Feed Data
  • View Odds from Fixture Feed
28th January 2021
  • Detailed Stats Added to Referee Sections
  • Server Speed Improvements
  • Improved DB Structure for Odds
  • Fixed Header When Viewing Peak Odds
26th January 2021
  • Under 0.5 1H Goals Added as Desired Outcome
  • Visual Feedback for When/If Filter Excludes Games
  • Peak Odds Now on Available via Live Games

When viewing filter results, you will be told if any games have been excluded. If this happens, it will be because of lack of data. Let's say, for example, your filter has a desired outcome of +0.5 First-Half Goals. There are certain leagues that will only have FT results, and some that will get HT results 1/2 days after the match has finished. This is completely normal for these obscure leagues but it's important to build the filters in a way that not only accommodates this but let's you know exactly what's going on in the background.

25th January 2021
  • Peak Odds Implementation

A very exciting update that will lead to further exciting features in the coming days and weeks. As of Sunday 24th January, 'Peak Odds' are now being tracked for every single game that appears on Bet365. This is no small task, so it's important to slowly build features based around this into the site. Today, if you click into any game that has finished, you will see the 'Peak Odds' table.

22nd January 2021
  • Speed Improvements for Filter Pages
  • +2.5 Team Corners as Desired Outcome
22nd January 2021
  • Outcome Breakdown on Filter Page
21st January 2021
  • Desired Outcome: Double Chance (1X, 12, X2)
  • View Filter Hit Rate from Filters Page
  • Removed Showing Rules by Default
21st January 2021
  • New UI for Filter Creation
  • Multiple Desired Outcomes to Filters
  • Set Filters to 'Public'
  • Create Availability Alerts for Corner Markets
  • 'Add For Both Teams' Button When Creating Filter Rules

The biggest update to the filter creation tool since it launched. You can now set multiple desired outcomes to your filters, as well as setting them to 'Public'. This is turned off by default. If your filter is public, it will be discoverable by other OddAlerts Pro users in upcoming features and pages.

20th January 2021
  • Desired Outcome: +3.5 Team Corners
19th January 2021
  • Filter Referees by League
  • Click Headings to Sort Referee Data
  • Most Goals: 1st/2nd Half Added as Desired Outcome
18th January 2021
  • Detailed Stats for Referee Page
  • Filter Referee's by Country or Upcoming Games
15th January 2021
14th January 2021
  • New Referee Stats Page!
  • +0.5 1H Corners Added as Desired Outcome

I took a break from the filter to switch to something completely new, and decided on putting this referee page up. It's been on my mind for a long time and I have some great features that I will be building into it in the near future. Consider this a v1 for this page, with plenty more coming in the next week or so.

13th January 2021
  • +3.5 Goals % Added As Filter Rule
  • New Desired Outcome: +0.5 Cards (Both Teams)
  • New Availability Alert: Asian Handicaps

I have removed the 'Add Stats' button on the stats scroller when you're viewing one of the standard/default options. I think a few people were confused by this, so it now appears on your own default stat scroller.

12th January 2021
  • New Possible Desired Outcomes:
  • Goal Between 0-10 Mins
  • Goal Between 0-15 Mins
  • Goal Between 35-45 Mins
  • Goal Between 75-90 Mins
  • Goal Between 80-90 Mins
  • ☝️ This, also for corners...
  • Home Corners (Over/Under)
  • Away Corners (Over/Under)
  • 1H Corners
  • 1H Corners by Team
  • ☝️ And again, this but for cards...
11th January 2021
  • Support for Clean Sheet Markets

Bet365 often replaces the +0.5 Team Goals market for the Team Clean Sheet market. I have now put something in place so that no matter which is there, you will get an alert if you have one set for +0.5 Goals. Previously, there was no support for the Clean Sheet odds.

10th January 2021
  • Improved Speed of Alerts Page
  • Added 3.5 - 5.5 Card % to Filter Rules
  • Added +1.5 Cards (Both Teams) As Desired Outcome
  • View Last 10 Fixtures on Filter Pages

There is a lot more coming in terms of viewing data for filters, but for now I just wanted to give you something. Showing the last 10 fixtures recorded for your filter will at least give you an idea of the types of games and competitions that are working.

8th January 2021
  • New Desired Outcomes for Filters:
  • BTTS & +2.5 Goals
  • HT Result
  • 2nd Half Goals (+0.5, +1.5)
  • Team Goals (Over/Under)
  • Team Goals by Half (Over/Under)
  • Total Cards (+2.5 - +5.5)
  • Total Team Cards (+0.5 - +2.5)
  • Total Corners
7th January 2021
  • Filter Tracking Implemented

There's not much to see yet, although the public share pages for your filters will now show you the amount of games tracked with the amount of wins and the overall hit rate. The work pushed in this update is mostly back-end work that will power the automated filter tracking going forward.

6th January 2021
  • Support for Total Goal Line
5th January 2021
  • Support for 1st Half Goal Line 😮
4th January 2021
  • Bug Fix Improving Speed
  • Fixture Caching for Filter Tracking Started
3rd January 2021
  • Offside Stats Added
  • Stats Scroller Speed Improvements
  • Database Work for Upcoming Filter Tracking ❄️
1st January 2021
  • Historic Results Added Per Fixture
  • Fixed Value Page Bug Caused By New Year
  • Happy New Year! 🎈
31st December
  • Referee Stats Per Fixture!
  • Happy New Years Eve!
30th December
  • Bug Fixed: Live Stats Would Not Show If Gameweek 1
  • Ability to Split Lines When Setting Alerts
  • Total Asian Corners Added to Alerts 🚩
  • Update to Dynamic Stats for Alerts
29th December
  • Referee Name Added to Fixtures
  • More Coming Soon re/ Referee Data 🔥
28th December
  • Speed Improvements to Stats Computation
  • New Form Location Indicator for Stat Scrollers
26th December
  • Improvements to Last 5, 6, and 10

Initially, whe clicking into the Last 5 on a fixture, it would take the last 5 games they had played, and then filter for home, away or overall results. This is why you would see 3 played, it meant that they had played 3 games at home during the last 5 games total. I have now changed this to be what most would have expected. So now you will see the last 5 they played at home, overall and away. The same goes for last 6 and last 10 games too.

23rd December
  • View Last 5, 6, and 10 Form on Fixtures
  • 3 Pro Users Will Win 1 Year This Christmas! 🎅

This has been a highly requested feature for a long time, so I'm glad to finally ship it this year! Right now, it's available inside each fixture, but the next step will be to implement it into the filters and also into the stat scrollers. As for Pro users winning a year of OddAlerts Pro, stay tuned to Twitter!

20th December
  • Delete All Alerts Button
  • Select All Option for Planner
  • Alerts Ordered by KO Time

The latter on that list will save a lot of time for many users. You must have a filter loaded to see the 'Select All' button.

19th December
  • New Layout for Filters on Desktop
  • Added 10 Min Corner Stats
  • Desired Outcome Added to Filters
  • Default Stats Scroller Added to Filters
  • 1H Corners Stat Scroller Updated
18th December
  • New Desktop Menu
  • Duplicate Filter Button
  • Prompts for Deleting Filters
  • Filter List Refreshes After Deleting Filter
  • Happy Birthday, Grandad! 🎈

Desktop users now have more space for doing what matters most, viewing stats and setting alerts. I have really interesting plans for what comes next with this added real estate, so stay tuned. Also, you can now quickly duplicate one of your current filters. This is great for quickly adapting an existing strategy.

16th December
  • UI Improvements for Feed Toolbar
  • 1st Corner (Total, For, Against) Stats Added to Fixture
  • 1st Goal (Total, For, Against) Stats Added to Fixture
  • Included New Stats in Default Stat Scrollers
  • Fixed Bug for Event Map Where Events After 90+ Mins Would Not Show
  • Clicking The Logo Takes You to The Feed
15th December

Today I took the time to add new stats to the site, based on feedback from you all on Twitter. Those stats are:

  • Goalless %
  • Goalless 1H %
  • Goalless 2H %
  • BTTS or +2.5 Goals %
  • First Corner (AVG Time)
  • First Corner For (AVG Time)
  • First Corner Against (AVG Time)
  • First Goal (AVG Time)
  • First Goal For (AVG Time)
  • First Goal Against (AVG Time)
  • 0-15 Mins Goal %
  • 0-15 Mins Goal For %
  • 0-15 Mins Goal Against %
  • Card Stats by Half Moved into Card Section Per Fixture
All of these stats have been worked into the filter rules and the stat scroller options. You can also view them where you would expect to see them per fixture.

14th December

This Tweet lead to a new discovery into how some users are using OddAlerts. Some are setting wild alerts just in order to get a notification at a certain time. Now, you can do this properly, with In-Play Updates. Set the time you would like to be notified, and you'll get a summary sent to Telegram.

  • New Basic Alert: In-Play Update

13th December

After all of the features and improvements launched during the first 12 days of December, we are now looking at v2 of OddAlerts. I have plenty of features planned for the coming weeks and months and I can't wait for you to start using them. As always, keep your feedback coming.

  • Filter UX Improvements
  • Value Page Now Updates Scores Live

12th December
Day 12 - #12DaysOfFeatures

Thank you all so much for being on this crazy sprint with me. Day 12 is here, and it brings many smaller improvements!

  • Major Fixture Feed Speed Improvements
  • Existing Alert Indicator
  • Dynamic Stat Scrollers for Value Page
  • FT Result Stat Scrollers
  • KO Time Added to Alerts Page
  • New Event Map per Fixture

11th December
Day 11 - #12DaysOfFeatures

You have all been great, so you're getting this one earlier today. Not just that, I couldn't keep this to myself all day. Introducing Dynamic Stats on Alerts. Set an alert on BTTS? Your alert will contain the stats for BTTS, Goals Scored, and more.

10th December
Day 10 - #12DaysOfFeatures

I've been asked a few times to share my filter with users on Twitter. So I'll take a screenshot and sent it over, but that really isn't the best way to do that, is it? You can now share filters with anyone and–if they're logged in, and Pro–they can install it with a single click.

9th December
Day 9 - #12DaysOfFeatures

I've added more default options to the new stat scroller selection, and finally, you can add alerts for the full line when it comes to first-half corners. The number of corners will now appear on your alert, should it be about corners.

8th December
Day 8 - #12DaysOfFeatures

Stats Scrollers! This is the biggest update since it launched, and it's a good one. I have noticed myself frustrated often, tweaking them with almost every filter I load. Well, not anymore. You can now change the stats scroller with a single click. I'll be adding more defaults in the coming days.

7th December
Day 7 - #12DaysOfFeatures

Today brings some exciting new stats. Now the stats alone might not be great, but the ability to include them in your filters and stats scrollers certainly is. Those stats are: Goal Difference, 35-45 Mins Goal %, 80-90 Mins Goal %.

6th December
Day 6 - #12DaysOfFeatures

Sunday, the day of rest... For most. I'll be announcing this at 18:00 but if you're using the site earlier, you will have no doubt stumbled across the new feed toggles that allow you to view games with just card or corner markets supported.

5th December
Day 5 - #12DaysOfFeatures

As a Saturday treat, this feature is getting released earlier in the day. You can now save games to a favourites list. This works just as you would expect it to and will sit at the top of the fixture feed. You can add fixtures to this list by going into them and tapping the star.

4th December
Day 4 - #12DaysOfFeatures

View #12DaysOfFeatures on Twitter. I'm happy to launch something that should have really been included on the site from day 1, and that's results for both teams. You can now view this from the fixture, inside the stats section. The fixture element itself will soon be getting a makeover after all these new stats.

3rd December
Day 3 - #12DaysOfFeatures

View #12DaysOfFeatures on Twitter. Today brings new stats to the site, with a focus on further-improving the arsenal on offer for first-half corner betting. You can now view the % of games that have seen a corner in the 35-45th minute and the 80-90th minute. You can view the home, away or overall percentage as well as including this in your stats scroller and adding it as a rule within your filters. Also, you can now filter for the % of games a team was winning, drawing or losing at HT. Small bug fixes.

2nd December
Day 2 - #12DaysOfFeatures

View #12DaysOfFeatures on Twitter. Today I am delighted to improve the functionality of the filters by allowing rules to be created on the probability of outcomes per fixture. As an example, you can filter for all fixtures with a 'Home Win' probability of 70% or more. Combining this with existing filter settings is very powerful.

1st December
Day 1 - #12DaysOfFeatures

Not sure what this is all about? You can see the launch video here. Today I am delighted to bring Goal Timings to the site, in a similar fashion to Corner Timings. I have also improved the design slightly, and set the default number to be a %, so you can see where the goals or corners are happening most. You can now filter for Peak Goal Time and Peak Corner Time, as well as +7.5 - +9.5 Corner percentages with filters.

30th November
Special Announcement

More data is now available for betting on Corners, including Geometric Mean Corner Time. In mathematics, the geometric mean is a mean or average, which indicates the central tendency or typical value of a set of numbers by using the product of their values. Stay tuned on Twitter today for a special announcement.

27th November
Small Fix

HT Scores now show in the feed. Corner Timings has been improved. Use 'FRIDAY' for 20% off your first month. Limited spaces.

26th November

Corning Timings: This is a beautiful sight. Where corners by half is supported, you will now be able to view a chart of the corner timings. This feature will be free until Saturday 28th November.

25th November

Search: FT Results now hidden when searching for fixtures by text.
Total Corner Stats Added
HT Result Added to Planner

24th November

Planner: 1H Asian Corners and Total Corners Added as Default Markets

22nd November

2H Card/Corner AVGs Added to Filter Rules

21st November
Hot Fix

Filter results will now respect all feed settings, and will show the default country list. You can toggle 'Sort by Time' to show all fixtues in a single list. The league positions will now show for live fixtures. Bug fixes, yo!

20th November

Inline Cards: When viewing live fixtures, you will clearly be able to see if there's been a red card, and how many yellow cards.
Smarter Stats: When you open a game with less than 10 games played, the stats will default to overall. You can still quickly toggle this to fit you needs.

19th November

BTTS & +2.5 Goals: This stat has been added around the site, including per fixtue, on the feed and as a customisable stat on both the stats scrollers and your filter rules.

18th November

Filters: Clean Sheet % Added. 2H Goals (+0.5, +1.5 %) Added.
Planner: Double Chance Added as Default Market
Bug Fixes

17th November

Filters: Filters now has its own page, and more coming here soon. You can create and manage your filters here, with the dropdown in the fixture feed now just for quickly activating them. Filters now respect the FT settings from the feed settings panel.

15th November

Value Page: Games without odds are now hidden by default, but can be shown instantly with a new toggle at the top of the page.
Fixture Feed: Toggling to view live stats will now toggle it for all fixtures on the feed. I will monitor the performance of this over the next few days.
Filters: Filters will now show games in-play.

14th November

Filters! I have been working on this all week, tweaking designs and getting your feedback. I'm finally happy enough to launch this v1 of filters, an incredibly powerful way to find potentially profitable games for setting alerts or betting in-play.

8th November

Corner Stats by Half

6th November

Predictability & Probability This data is in-part used for the value script. League predictability is based on the following markets: HFT Result, BTTS, Over/Under, and Correct Score. The competition performance tracks the predictions on that league, based on probability, over the last 100 games played. Look out for the bolt icon from the fixture feed. This will indicate that a fixture has probability data.

3rd November

LIVE Stats: Stats for live fixtures will now appear in the feed, with the option to toggle between pre-match and live stats.

3rd November

Improved UI: Mobile users will now see more of the stats they care about, with the scroller being moved to below the title and information of the fixture. I was willing to compromise on the vertical space for this improvement.

1st November

Odds-Only Fixture Feed Setting

31st October

Odds Fetching Refined

30th October

League Positions Return to Feed
UI Improvements

29th October

A wealth of stats have been added as options to the stats-scroller, and it's now available for free users!

28th October

Selected stats will now update without having to refresh the page. I have also fixed some bugs that were found. Thanks to those that got in touch with me to let me know.

27th October

You can now edit the stats that you see in the new fixture previews. This is really powerful, and will allow you to mix and match the stats you like for the markets you bet on often. As a way of saying thankyou to Pro users, they will get this first.

25th October

New Fixture UI for Value Page and Planner
Added Played to Stat Glances
Added Caching to Stat Glances
Betting Ordering of Live Fixtures

24th October

Inline Stats on Fixture Feed: This is something I have wanted to build into the site for a while, but it needed to be done right. This is a good start. A solid v1 that I can all build on with your feedback. You will soon be able to sort and filter the fixture feed using the stats you see here. More updates will be coming to the fixture feed, and to the stats section within the fixtures from Monday onwards.

20th October

Alternative Bookmakers Returns.

19th October

Improved Underlying Stats DB
Added Mins Per Goal to League Stats
Added Win %'s to League Stats

18th October

Ability to Retain Fixture List on Planner

16th October

Search Results Now Divided by Date

15th October

Value Script Now Works with All Bookmakers
Fixed Initial Bugs with Bookmakers
Planner Available for Free Users

14th October

More Bookmakers Includes for Pre-Match Odds

13th October

Only Fixtures w/ Card Markets will Appear on Value Page

12th October

Indication of Corner Markets on Feed

10th October

The Planner: This has been in the works for a while, and a heavily requested feature. It will allow you to set the same alert on multiple fixtures. Simply select the games you want and then create the alert. This is a really powerful tool that will save us all a lot of time and allow us to cover more fixtures in the search for value in-play. You can view a demo here.

6th October

Fixed Odds Not Showing for DNB + Double Chance Pre-Match
Correct Flags for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

5th October

Groups Within Odds Section
Home/Away Goals Odds Reinstated Pre-Match
More Corner Markets Added

4th October

Introducing Thoughts: You can now add your thoughts to a fixture, pre-match. This way, when the alert is triggered, you will know exactly what you saw and where the value lies, saving you even more time once the alert comes through.

3rd October

Value Script Algorithm Update
Stats Section No Longer Reloads w/ Each Visit
League Positions Added to Feed
League Rankings for Feed

2nd October

New Value Script Group: I have been profiting from this market for the past ~12 months, more pre-covid, but I have been waiting to implement it into the script and I am delighted to finally launch it. I will be monitoring the performance over the weekend and making subtle tweaks, as with all groups. Welcome to the Value page, Half with Most Goals: 2nd Half.

1st October

Alerts for Specials: You can now set availability alerts for the Specials tab on Bet365.
Smarter UI: The availability section now knows which markets are already available and will disable them from selection.

30th September

Specific Market Alerts: Card market availability alerts launched last week and the initial feedback was that users wanted to be alerts on specific markets, as Bet365 would often add a couple of card markets, but not the one they really wanted. Now, you can select the markets you are waiting for. You will be sent an alert when each drops on Bet365.
Alert Creation Improvement: You can now set up your alert settings and navigate to other panels and fixtures without those settings resetting.

27th September

Refined Fixtures on Feed: Due to the sheer number of leagues supported, there will always be fixtures that have do not support live-score or odds. Livescore is not available for these games anywhere, so I am putting in some filters to remove them from the feed, especially when viewing all games sorted by time.
Bookmaker Settings: You can now add your preferred bookmaker in you settings. This will include a link to that bookmaker with every alert sent, saving you time when it comes to placing your bet. This will also allow smarter customisation of the platform, including showing odds from this bookmaker (if available) by default.
Value Bets Algorithm Update

26th September

Insane Speed Improvement on Fixtures By Time
Value Page UI Improvements

25th September

Card Availability Alerts
Improved UI for Creating Basic Alerts
Introducing Situations

24th September

Bet365 Links: From alert to Bet365 in a matter of seconds. On desktop, this link will take you to the specific game, on mobile (currently) it will open up the app on the in-play section. I have spoke to Bet365 and they are working in more deep-links into their new app. Pro users only.

24th September

Keyboard Shortcuts: Searching is a breeze. Hit CTRL + F, type and then hit enter. Repeat as much as you like. Thanks for the feedback on Twitter.
Bug Fixes

23rd September

Search! You can now search through all of the fixtures on OddAlerts from the Fixture Feed.

23rd September

+1.5 Goals and +9.5 Corners Added to Value Page

23rd September

Speed Improvements for Fixture Feed

22nd September

Bug Fixes

22nd September

Fixture Feed Update: The biggest update to the feed since it launched. FT Results have now been turned off by default. You can toggle them in the new settings dropdown. You will also notice a new LIVE toggle. Tap it. I completely reworked the way fixtures are pulled into the feed, making it much faster.

21st September

More Days Added: You can now view 6 days ahead, great for setting availability alerts.
Improved Odds (Pre-Match) Update Frequency

20th September

Value Page: Cancelled or PSTP fixtures will no longer appear.
Routing Fix: Direct links to fixtures would not work if the team name contained special characters. Fixed.
Value Bets Algorithm Update

19th September

Cards Added to Value Bets

18th September

Share URLs: One click from anywhere on the web and you will be taken directly to the alert form for that fixture. I have been working on this for the past couple of days and I am really looking forward to seeing these out and about in the wild.

18th September

Set BTTS Alerts Pre Match (Regardless of Bet365 Availability)
HT Result Market Added

18th September

View Fixtures/Results from Yesterday
Improved Loadtime on Value Bets
Free Users Can View Value Bet History
Improved Loadtime on Fixture Feed

17th September

League Country + Name Added to Fixture Widget

17th September

Filter Value Bets by Day
Restructure of DB to Allow This

16th September

Introducing OddAlerts Pro: I want to personally thank everyone that has taken the time to try OddAlerts and shape the product right up until this moment. I have big plans for the future of this website, and would love to work on this full-time. Please consider supporting the project by subscribing to OddAlerts Pro. Having a paid tier of users will unlock a lot of development time and potential for me.

9th September

New Navigation
Value Bets Page Added

4th September

Card Stats Added to Stats

2nd September

Stats by Half Added to Pre-Match Stats

31st August

Pre Match Stats: Introducing detailed pre-match stats, such as corner timings and Over / Under percentages. Much more coming to this section in the next week or so.

30th August

Availability Alerts: Now, when a fixture does not yet have odds, you will be able to set alerts that will tell you when they are added to Bet365, allowing you to get the opening odds.

28th August

AVG Stats for Leagues, Direct from The Feed.

27th August

Live Stats Return! Including Dangerous Attacks!

26th August

Pre-Match Odds Updating More Frequently
Ability to Create Alerts (Regardless of Availability)
Fixed Bugs with Decimal Places Not Appearing

25th August

New Data Source: This is the biggest update to the system since the beta started, and you can tell by the time it has taken to implement. You will now be able to place in-play alerts on almost every game you see. If you see it on Bet365, the chances are you can use OddAlerts to set alerts for it. This new data source will unlock a massive amount of potential for OddAlerts users.

6th August

Live Odds Support for Team Goals

3rd August

Half-Time Stats Added

27th July

More Pre-Match Stats:
0.5/1.5/3.5/4.5 Goals
Failed To Score

27th July

Pre-Match Stats Added!
Bug Fixes

27th July

Country / League Included in Alerts
Comparison UI Improved on Live Stats

26th July

Refined Alerts View Per Fixture
Scoreline Included in Alerts

25th July

Even More Stats: I have been working hard on mostly background tasks, and I now have live stats updating every single minute. You can now also view the teams previous fixtures from the Stats tab. More coming in this section over the next couple of days.

22nd July

Support for DNB Markets

21st July

First-Half Asian Corners

20th July

Improved Live Odds Matching

19th July

Hitting CTRL+F will open all games!

19th July

Live Odds Support for Alternative Corners

18th July

Fixture Feed UI Improvements: When you sort the feed by countries, the fixtures will now be hidden until you click on a country to open it. For those that have been with OddAlerts for the full ride, you will know that this is how things initially were. I thought it was a lot of clicking in and out of the leagues, but now I feel that I prefer that over the endless scrolling as more and more games are being played. When you sort the feed by time, or by those games that are live, you will see everything by default.

16th July

Alert Limits: I have decided to limit each user to 3 alerts per game. Based on my research, not many users set more than two alerts on any one game. I am doing this so I can better monitor and improve the performance of the site. This update also includes a new UI element for giving visual feedback when you save, delete or edit anything on the site.

16th July

UI Improvements: The position of your scroll will no longer be lost when you open a game on mobile. Thanks to @keepitkicking on Twitter for this one.

15th July

In-Play Alerts: A lot has gone into this and I am delighted to finally launch in-play alerts. Follow the score, the stats and the odds before setting your alerts. There are many smaller improvements as part of this update, so be sure to check out Twitter and YouTube for the full update.

14th July

Added Home or Away Win to Result Alerts

14th July

Improved Odds Recognition for Creating Alerts

13th July

Improved Performance for Alerts

12th July

Presets Added: You can now save alert settings as presets and use them with a single click on fixtures.

9th July

UI Improvements

9th July

Closing Lines: Popular with full-time gamblers, you can now check the closing lines of any game that supports live-odds. Please, let me know if you experience anythign abnormal here. This is very much a WIP.

8th July

LET THERE BE ODDS: You can now view odds from a huge list of bookmakers. The alert slip is also now much smarter in terms of knowing the current odds.

8th July

One Click Copying of Alerts: From the Fixture widget, you can now copy alerts from other users with the click of a button. Tap into the Alert section and view the list of alerts for that game. I plan on giving some love to the /alerts page soon, too, but first my focus is on bringing in-play alerts and stats to the system.

7th July

Odds & Feed for Fixtures: You can now view all the odds for a game in a single place, as well as all of the alerts for that particular game. Coming really soon will be the ability to copy those alerts with a single click.

6th July

New Alert Setting UI: I have listened to the feedback and looked at the most popular stats and alert types and restructured the way alerts are set. No more scrolling through all those markets and times on mobile. This new style also allows for stats and other data to appear under each section.

5th July

First Half Goals: I have added FH Goals to the live odds support. This has been requested by many of you, so I am really excited to see how you use it. The odds will always start at 1.60 for now until I get the pre-match odds loaded.

4th July

Filters and Sorting on Fixture Page

3rd July

Scoreline Now Shows on Alerts Page

2nd July

Account Management: Not a glamorous update, but something that needed doing sooner or later. Users can now reset passwords, manage account settings and more from inside the new settings page.

1st July

Shared Alerts: You can now view other alerts from other users via the Alerts page. See something you like? Tap on the alert to open the fixture without leaving the page. Stay tuned as there will be more features added here during 4.x of OddAlerts.

30th June

Fixture Feed Now Refreshes Every 30 Seconds

30th June

Double Chance Added to Live Odds.

29th June

+0.5 Goals and +1.5 Goals Added to Live Odds.

28th June

Better Caching for CSS
New "First Goal" Preset
Fixed Double Tap Zoom Issue on iOS

25th June

Added Refresh Button to Feeds

25th June

Added Markets: Building on the release of live-odds support yesterday, I have now added BTTS and +2.5 Goals to the alerts.

24th June

Live Odds Support: I am really excited to launch this feature, but will be taking it slow. At first, we will have live odds support for FT Results. More markets will follow in the coming days.

23rd June

Improved Telegram API Implementation

22nd June

Bug & Data Fixes

20th June

Alert Presets: You can now set alerts with the click of a button based on popular settings, such as No Early Corners or First Half Goals. Get in touch if you would like to suggest any presets.

19th June

UI Improvements: Your alerts are now grouped by date and according to your timezone. Country flags have also been added to the fixture feed.

18th June

Timezones: Users can now change the timezone on OddAlerts.
Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug effecting South Korean fixtures and alerts.

16th June

Welcome to OddAlerts. Plenty of work has gone into this product before v0.1, but this page will act as a base going forward from this moment. If you have feedback, please get in touch.