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In-Play Football Alerts

Here you will find a list of suggested alerts, available to set with a single click. It processes thousands of games each day and uses an ever-improving algorithm to show key fixtures with high potential for profit. You can view the full story behind this page on YouTube. The page is split into different groups and will offer a suggestion per fixture. These suggestions are: Set Alert, Value Found, and No Odds Yet. Setting an alert is suggested for games where the odds are low, and the outcome is heavily expected. Setting an alert on this fixture means you will capture the value if and when it appears in-play. Value Found means that the odds are higher than we would expect, given the stats provided. If there's no odds, we suggest setting an availability alert. This way, you will be notified the moment the game drops on Bet365, allowing you to get the opening odds.

Strong Home & Away Teams

Fixtures in this section of the value bets page will be teams expected to continue their strong form at home or on the road. This has been a really profitable part of the value script, especially the away teams. For the suggested strong home teams, an alert is often the best way to go about things. As an example, let's say that Sporting Lisbon is playing at home. They might be 1.40 for the victory, as it's expected. However, they start slow. It's 0-0 at HT. The odds rise, and you're alerted to this fact. With OddAlerts, a small amount of time setting up filters, alerts and using the planner can lead to long-term profitability.

BTTS (Both Teams To Score)

BTTS is one of the most popular markets, and a difficult one to predict. However, with the wealth of stats and processing available to OddAlerts, we have seen impressive results from this section of the value script. The algorithm has a slight bias towards the away team being able to outscore the home teams, whilst also looking for home teams that consistently find the back of the net in-front of their own fans. It sounds simple, but as we previously mentioned, it's one of the harder markets to correctly predict.

Card Bets

This page will offer fixtures that the value script deems valuable for +3.5 Cards and First-Half Cards. For a game to be considered, the odds must be available on Bet365. There's a high bar set for these games, but we have seen much success, especially in Italy. Clicking on any fixture from the value script will allow you to check the odds, the stats and in the case of needing more information on cards, the referee stats. Hundreds of stats are taking into consideration here, including: +3.5 Cards %, Cards Per Team, Referee Stats, Cards by Half, and more. Due to the mixed support that bookmakers have for card markets, the suggestion here will always be to check the fixture out online. Bet Builders can sometimes offer great value when betting on cards.

First-Half Goals (1H Goals)

Probably my favourite market, and the reason I first decided to build OddAlerts. I was sick of watching Bet365 for the games I had earmarked during my research. I would often miss the odds that I was waiting for, or miss valuable games altogether due to being occupied or working on something else. Now, it takes seconds for me to load my 1H Goals Filter and set alerts on all the fixtures. This way, I only look at Bet365 when the alert comes through and when it does, I know the odds are evens or higher and the game is valuable.

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