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OddAlerts is a powerful tool that allows you to spend less time looking at your bookmakers app and more time making money from football. The combination of stats and alerts is one that will bring you steady results, whilst consistently beating the bookmakers for value.

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Pro Features

Alerts on Live Odds

Let value find its way to you. Maybe you have found a strong home team that looks likely for the victory, but the odds are really short. Set an alert for the odds on the home win. View this perfect example from Finland. As a free user, you can click into any game on OddAlerts and view the feed. This will show you the alerts that have been sent.

Value Page

The Value Bets page is a sophisticated script that combines stats, form and odds to pluck a collection of games each day. The page is split into groups, such as "Strong Home Teams", "BTTS Likely", and more. Each fixture comes with a recommendation, such as "Bet", "Set Alert", or "Wait for Odds". The algorithm is always being updated and, in theory, should improve with every game that goes against the grain. As a free user, you can view all the value bets for the previous day.

Market Availability Alerts

Set availabilty alerts on Fixtures, Card Markets and Closing Lines. This is a feature that our Pro users love, as it allows them to get the true opening or closing odds for a fixture. Setting an availability alert on a fixture will notify you as soon as it's added to Bet365.

Export to CSV / Excel

As of v3, OddAlerts now allows you to export to CSV and Excel. You can export your alert history, whilst including all of the key data from that fixture, such as: Goals, Result, HT Result, Cards, Corners, Team Cards, Team Corners, Stats by Half, and More.

Add Thoughts to Alerts

Pro users can attatch their thoughts on fixtures at the time of setting alerts and those will be sent through when the alert is triggered.


Save previous Alerts as presets and quickly apply them on upcoming fixtures as you find them or in bulk using filters and the Planner.

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The Planner

Assign alerts on market availability, live odds and more to multiple fixtures at the same time. Set the alert, select your fixtures and hit save. It could not be simpler. View Demo.

Filters & Detailed Tracking

Filters allow you to get to the games you care about in no time at all. You can create filters to match the stats you care about and instantly see how they have performed over time, including the odds for each fixture. Set up your filters once and then you're done. To learn more about Filters, click here.

Corner & Goal Timings

Corner & Goal Timings is a powerful way to visualise when teams gain and concede goals or corners. This new tool adds another layer of confidence when it comes to betting on first or second events.

Live Pressure Monitor

Using all of the in-play data that's available to OddAlerts, like possession, attacks, dangerous attacks, total shots, shots on target, shots off target, and more, we have created an algorithm that will show you the current trend of the game. It's always improving and takes hundreds of situations into account. For exmaple, if a team has a lot of the ball but is not doing much with it, the algorithm will recognise that. Likewise, if a team is having plenty of attacks but little efforts on goals, it will also be recognised. You can also view a breakdown of the data logged on a chart or by 5 minute intervals, including the AVG per team across each 5 minute slot in the game.

Probability Model

For 500+ leagues, you will be able to view the probability of outcomes. This data is based on a model that follows Bayesian principles, searching to predict the goal distribution of each team. You will be able to view the following outcomes: FT Result, Home Goals, Away Goals, Over/Under, Correct Score.

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Dynamic Stats on Alerts

Dynamic stats save you time when it matters most. Set an alert on BTTS? No problem, the alert will include the BTTS %, Goals Scored, AVG Goal Time, and more. HT Result? No bother, it will show you the stat you need.

Support Independent Development

Hello! Joe here, the developer behind OddAlerts. It's just me working on this and I would love nothing more than to make this my full-time job. The pandemic (and lack of work) gave me the perfect excuse to finally start building OddAlerts, a concept that's been on my mind for a few years. After launching the OddAlerts Beta in ~June, I now want to commit to realising my full vision for this product and have many exciting features planned.

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Price: Free
5 Upcoming Alerts
All 1000+ Leagues
Detailed Stats
Limited Alert Types
2 Value Bets / Day
Limited Bet Builder
Link to Bookmaker from Alerts
Availability Alerts
Follow Other Alerts
Closing Lines
All Markets
Future Features
Price: £12.99 / Month
Unlimited Alerts
All 1000+ Leagues
Detailed Stats
All Alert Types
All Value Bets
All Bet Builder Fixtures
All Bet Builder Fixtures
Unlimited Odds Comparisons
Availability Alerts
Follow Other Alerts
Closing Lines
All Markets
Future Features

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