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OddAlerts Pro

Powerful and Innovative Tools to Drive Profits

Tired of losing football bets? Feel like you're constantly picking the wrong fixtures? OddAlerts Pro can help you, and help you finally bet with confidence thanks to the suite of tools that are offered.

What's Included

  • Probability Model

    Always expanding and improving, the OddAlerts Probability Model uses sophisticated mathematical models to determine the outcome of games, allowing you to get a better understanding of a fixture. You can use it in filters and convert the values to odds to find value bets.

  • Value Bets

    Discover a proven edge over the bookmakers with the OddAlerts Probability Model, that provides value bets on a daily basis. You can view recent results on the probability page.

  • Detailed Backtesting

    Instantly see how a filter has performed over the past week, months, or year. This is an invaluable tool that will save you money. View the long-term P/L without spending a penny of your money.

  • Alerts on Live Odds

    Time your entrance to the market and get the best odds for in-play fixtures with quick alerts. You can even set alerts for markets that are not yet available.

  • Daily Digest

    A great way to start any day. Select the markets you enjoy and OddAlerts will send you the best upcoming games, powered by the trends page and sent at 07:30 every morning.

  • Player Foul Alerts

    The odds for player bookings can be very generous. However, you don't want to be constantly watching games or checking data. That's why the foul alerts do the hard work for you. When a player has committed a number of fouls without a booking, you will be notified.

  • Bet Tracking

    That's right, OddAlerts now comes with bet tracking baked in, including automated settlement, multiples, bet builders, and more.

  • Availability Alerts

    Getting the best odds is important, and often that means getting there first. Be the first to know when card, corner, or specials markets for the major leagues open up on Bet365.

  • Avanced Player Tools

    New in Summer 23: Find and compare thousands of players in a matter of seconds with the new player comparison and player search tools.

  • Discord

    Discord is where the OddAlerts community lives, shares and learns. If you're a seasoned bettor, or just getting started, you will find the space beneficial.

  • The Planner

    An easy and intuitive way to plan your week of football alerts. Load your trusted filters, select the games you like and set alerts on all of them with a single click.

  • Pinnacle Dropping Odds

    Automated alerts that will send you the latest dropping odds on Pinnacle as they happen. This feature, and the included customisation, is worth the monthly fee alone!

  • Referee Appointments

    When betting on cards, it's as much about the referee as the players. Click the star icon on any referee profile and you'll be notified of every future game they are appointed to.

  • Dropping Odds

    View dropping odds across multiple bookmakers, and filter to show just the markets you care about. As an example, you could show the home wins that have dropped within the last 20 minutes on Pinnacle.

  • Pressure Algorithm

    An innovative way to see just who is applying the pressure in live fixtures. The pressure algorithm is completely unique to OddAlerts and has been developed using thousands of wide-ranging games.

  • Filtering

    The most powerful filtering tool on the internet, allowing you to find high-value games in a matter of seconds. Filter for live stats, pre-match odds, recent form, and more.

  • And Much More

    Suggested Alerts, %-Based Alerts, Dynamic Stats on Alerts, Goal & Corner Timings, Presets, Export Alert History, Notes on Alerts, Sort Fixture Feeds, Upcoming Mode...

Also with Pro

Odds Comparison

An Odds Comparison Tool where you are not the product. Typically, odds comparison websites are based on making money from you, the user. Affiliate links, sign-up bonuses, and full-page adverts. With OddAlerts, this is not be the case. It's clean, quick, reliable and powered by data.


🚀 User Testimonials


"Power at your finger tips! An exceptional product and excellent customer service to boot. A must have in your armoury if you are a bettor of Football. Hundreds of stats, thousands of data points and unique algorithms, all stacked and presented in an easy to use, efficient, enjoyable, clean UI.

A comprehensive tool that allows you to gamble with confidence. Whether it’s hunting value in goals, corners, cards, or even tracking and analysing your bets/P&L/bankroll, OddAlerts has it covered, truly the only tool you need to turnover the Bookmaker long term! A five star product that’s forever evolving and always improving, fronted by a talented and passionate developer (aka Joe the machine).

Appreciate all you do for us! Keep at it! 🤝"


"I’ve been a Pro User of OddAlerts for nearly 18 months. Since then I have never looked back, in fact it’s all been forward from Day 1. The product is unrivalled, a master in data and stats, a tool to beat the bookie, a one-stop shop for all your betting needs.

At times you think how can it improve, it’s got everything and then POW the master behind the operation (Ninja Joe) hits you with another update making it even more awesome when you ask yourself how could that be. Joe is so dedicated to the development and the future of the product, he listens to user feedback and ensures that every voice is heard. He has also created a great community full of great people who share ideas and thoughts.

The tool has changed my betting methods and all for the better. Betting with confidence knowing that you’re armed with all you need from the OddAlerts platform."

G Watts

"OddAlerts isn't just another stats provider, it's a whole community. After years of gambling I have not come across anything like it. The amount of features and continuous updates is quite unbelievable and certainly unrivalled.

To top things off, the owner and creator Joe is more than willing to go that extra mile to look after his users and will listen to any issues or feedback on how to make OddAlerts better. He has implemented a few of my suggestions, and sometimes on the same day!

In short, it's a one stop shop for all your betting needs and the only service that truly pays for itself. Don't just take my word for it, sign up and find out for yourself."


Too many good features to cover in 1 tweet so I'll discuss my favourite so far. The filters tab is simply a gold mine. All the tools needed to build and backtest a football betting model and it does it all automatically in a matter of moments. I use the filters tab to effectively build models and then track their picks on the new bankrolls tab - this is an example of the BTTS filter I built. Only a small sample size so far but the service has already paid for itself many times over.

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Meet The Creator

👋 Hi, Joe Here!

I started OddAlerts when COVID first hit as my freelance work dried up. It was massive risk, but I have loved every second. OddAlerts is something I personally felt was missing from the market, a single tool that can cover every part of the betting journey whilst helping you formulate better habits along the way. I'm always working on new ideas and accepting feedback in the Discord or on Twitter.

Free Video Tutorials

In 2022 I want to put a focus on education on OddAlerts. This has inspired the new Insights section, where I can explain various betting concepts and give deeper dives into new features and betting strategies. Join the community on the OddAlerts YouTube Channel for videos on creating filters, backtesting, and more.