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Effortless Bet Tracking

Tracking your bets on OddAlerts ties into your existing research flows and offers automated bet settlement, helpful insights, and more.

A Familiar Interface

When using other bet tracking alternaivtes, adding bets to your bankrolls quickly becomes a chore. With OddAlerts, the v1 of Bet Tracking has been built with one thing in mind. Speed. Adding a bet to your bankroll feels familiar, as we have designed the process to feel familiar. It's as easy as placing a bet and with the intuitive "Bet Slip", you can add multiple games to multiple bankrolls at the same time.

Football Bet Tracking
Football Bet Tracking

Stay In Control. Find Out What Works.

You can create as many bankrolls as you like, giving each a starting capital. As you add bets to each bankroll, you will see smart suggestions and insights on your betting patterns. You can share you bankroll with friends and create as many as you like to test the water with different systems. Bankrolls are a great way to understand your betting habits by splitting up the type of bets you are making.

Multiples & Bet Builders

No matter if you are strictly singles or often bet on multiples or bet builders, OddAlerts supports it all. Building multiples is effortless and can be added to your bankrolls and bet tracking in a matter of seconds. Automated settlement is supported, as well as smart refund calculations should some of your fixtures or lines be void.

Track Football Accas

Core Features & Benefits

  • 🧠 Automated Settlement

    No more opening up your spreadsheet or bet tracking website to log if your bet was a winner or loser, at OddAlerts... We already know! Now you can focus your time and energy on the most important part of all this, the pre-match research flow.

  • ♻️ Unlimited Bankrolls

    Bankroll management is really easy and flexible. When saving bets, you can add your bet to as many bankrolls as you like. You can think of bankrolls as groups of bets, defined by a certain market, style or system.

  • 💡 Actionable Betting Advice

    Over time, OddAlerts will analyse your betting patterns, both combined and per bankroll to provide you with actionable betting advice. To save you time looking through all of your results, we will show you what markets are making you the most profits and what systems you might want to refine. We will also suggest potential games that match your betting patterns.