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Football Betting Discord

Discord is where the OddAlerts community lives, shares and learns. If you're a seasoned bettor, or just getting started, you will find the space beneficial.

A Wonderful Place to Learn

The Discord is full of regular OddAlerts users posting their thoughts, and one of the core rules of the community is that all bets must come with analysis. This helps both the poster and those who are following along. It helps users understand how the poster came to the bet, and also gives the poster more confidence.

Football Betting Discord
Football Betting Discord

Discuss Everything Betting

The Discord is split into the relevant channels to help maintain contextual conversations. If you like betting on live games, then the #live channel might be for you! Need some help with something, or have a question related to betting? There's a channel for that!

A Community Like No Other

  • 🧠 Intelligent Bettors

    The Discord is full of bettors who have found their niche, be that 1H Corners, BTTS, or Card markets. I'm personally learning new things all the time from the way these users go about their business.

  • ❓ Direct Support

    Going Pro and gaining access to the Discord will also give you direct access to the #help channel, where you can ask any question related to betting or OddAlerts, at any time.

  • 🤖 Smart Bots

    The Discord includes the OddAlerts Bot, a channel where important updates from the site are posted, like an automatic feed of the bet of the day submissions.