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OddAlerts Season Ticket
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OddAlerts Season Ticket

A new way to support OddAlerts. Season Ticket holders will get all the existing features of Pro for 12 months, plus first access to upcoming features (API, New Trends Pages, Automation, Etc) as well as other regular benefits.

Explore Pro (Monthly Plan)

OddAlerts Lab: Get Innovative Features First

As a season ticket holder, you will get access to new features before they are fully launched on the site, allowing you to test and shape the future of OddAlerts. Season Ticket holders are currently testing and providing feedback on the new Dropping Odds alerts and automated Trend alerts. I have some exciting updates planned, including big updates to Trends, the front-page of OddAlerts, the core foundation of the alerts, odds comparisons, and personalised content. I can't give away too much, for obvious reasons, but just know my wall is like a rainbow of different to-do sticky notes!

API Access (3 Months)

On September 2nd, OddAlerts will launch an API to the public. This allows you to interact with data from OddAlerts directly in your applications, spreadsheets, and more. Available endpoints include: value bets, dropping odds, fixtures database, trends data, odds history, and more.

I want to give a massive thank you to every existing season ticket holder who provided feedback and helped shape the API. They had access to the API for the last 14 months and did a wonderful job.

This season, one of the perks of an OddAlerts season ticket is 3 months of API access included. This gives you access to the data that runs through OddAlerts until the end of November. The API will be priced at £39.99 per month initially. You can view the documentation here: API Documentation. You will have access immediately after purchasing your season ticket.

Exclusive Access: OddAlerts iOS App

The work has started on the biggest request to date: The OddAlerts iOS and Android App. The plan is to build the app section by section, allowing for feedback from Season Ticket holders as we aim for a full release in the fall of 2023. Building the app allows us to move away from Telegram for certain parts of the offering and will open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to alerts.

All of Pro (Whilst Saving 15%)

You season ticket gets you 12 months of OddAlerts Pro, but you're only paying for 10. You save 15%+ when opting for a season ticket over monthly pricing. Existing Pro users will automatically see a prorated fee when securing their season ticket. Just like real season tickets, sales are limited. The last chance to buy an OddAlerts Season Ticket for 2023/2024 will be September 2nd at 23:00 (GMT).

Support Solo Founder

To those of you that have supported this independent journey of mine, I appreciate you endlessly. I run OddAlerts as a single-person business. I design, develop, and market OddAlerts. There are certainly pros and cons to this, but it's the way I like it. A season ticket is a great way to support the project and help it grow.