OddAlerts Season Ticket
£155.88 £129.99 | Available Until Sept 1st

OddAlerts Season Ticket

A new way to support OddAlerts. Season Ticket holders will get all the existing features of Pro for 12 months, plus first access to upcoming features (API, New Trends Pages, Automation, Etc) as well as other regular benefits.

Existing Pro users will pay a discounted, prorated fee.

Test New Features Early

As a season ticket holder, you will get access to new features before they are fully launched on the site, allowing you to test and shape the future of OddAlerts. 2022 has already been an incredibly productive year, and there is still so much to come. Including: Predictions, Automated Alerts, New Fixture UIs, Odds Comparison Tools, and More.

API Beta Access

The OddAlerts API is on the way, and season ticket holders will be the first to try out the product. The API will get you access to the raw data that powers OddAlerts, allowing you to build out your own betting models, bots, and applications. You'll also be invited to a Discord channel where other season ticket holders can discuss improvements and requests for the API.

2 Months Free 'OA'

You season ticket gets you 12 months of OddAlerts Pro, but you're only paying for 10. You save 15%+ when opting for a season ticket over monthly pricing. Existing Pro users will automatically see a prorated fee when securing their season ticket. Just like real season tickets, sales are limited. The last chance to buy an OddAlerts Season Ticket for 2022/2023 will be September 1st.

The Giveback

Every month, Season Ticket holders will get a little back. For the inaugural month of June, one holder will win a £100 gift card to be used on Amazon.

Recognition of Support

To those of you that have supported this independent journey of mine, I appreciate you endlessly. I'm bringing more social features to OddAlerts over the next few months and when interacting with these new features, others will be able to see that you are a season ticket holder.