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What Are Football Booking Points?

Betting on card markets is one of the most popular ways to make money when betting on football. Different bookmakers often display the same markets differently. Some bookmakers, like Bet365, will display markets in a familiar and readable way. For example, “+3.5 Cards: Yes or No”. Other bookmakers, like SkyBet, adopt the “Booking Points” approach.

SkyBet Booking Points

Booking Points Meaning

Booking Points in football card betting is the bookmakers way of assigning points to each booking that occurs in the match. A fixture will then have a booking points total at any given time and bettors are able to place bets on this total, rather than the number of cards.

Here’s how the SkyBet Booking Points work:

  • Yellow Card = 10 Points
  • Red Card = 25 Points

If a player receives two yellow cards, he or she will amass 35 points for your bet. So, if you’re betting on booking points and need more for your bet, then two yellows is more beneficial than a straight red card.

Referee Stats for Booking Points

Football Referee Stats

Now you know what booking points are, you’re ready to do some research and place your bets. You can view detailed referee stats on OddAlerts, and even set alerts on your favourite referees so that you are notified when they are appointed to a new fixture. What’s more, you can use the filters on OddAlerts to create sophisticated rules and card betting systems to suit your needs. Here’s a look at just some of the available stats:

  • 0.5+ Cards %
  • 1.5+ Cards %
  • 2.5+ Cards %
  • Cards Total Average
  • Cards For
  • Cards Against
  • 0.5+ Cards For %
  • 1.5+ Cards For %
  • 0.5+ Cards Against %
  • 1.5+ Cards Against %
  • First Half Cards
  • Second Half Cards

That’s just a few of the rules you can combine to search for high-value card betting games. You can also use the fixture feeds on OddAlerts to show fixtures that currently have card markets available on Bet365.

Football Card Betting

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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