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HT/FT Betting Strategies

In this guide, I will show you how to find the best teams for betting on HT/FT combinations using a couple of tools. Betting on HT/FT can often give you more value for money.

Understanding HT/FT Betting

HT / FT is a way of predicting the outcome of both the first half and the full time result and combing that into a single bet. This can often offer more value for money when betting on particularly strong teams. Take Manchester City or Bayern Munich, for example. Betting on them just to win after 90 minutes might be short odds, but you will always get better odds if you are willing to also bet on them winning at HT.

This adds more risk to your bet, thus the higher odds. This guide will show you how to find teams with less risk when it comes to making these bets. When betting on HT/FT, you can bet on 9 possible outcomes:

  • Home / Home
  • Home / Draw
  • Home / Away
  • Away / Home
  • Away / Draw
  • Away / Away
  • Draw / Home
  • Draw / Draw
  • Draw / Away

This might look confusing as first, but it’s really easy to understand. The first option is for the first half result, and the second is for… You guessed it, the second half. So, “Home / Home” means that the home side will be winning at both HT and FT, whilst “Draw / Away” means the HT score will be a draw but the FT result will see the away side winning.

Finding Teams

Now you have an understanding of the market, it’s time to find the best teams for these bets. I like to use the Trends pages as a starting point and filters when I know what kind of stats I should be filtering for.

HT/FT Betting Tips

HT/FT betting relies heavily on the first half. Your bet could be dead and buried after 45 minutes, so let’s start the focus there. The following pages will act as a great starting point for finding HT / FT bets:

As mentioned in the video above, the trends pages act as a great starting point, but you should always dig deeper into the fixture. I would encourage you to look at the timing section within the fixture, and focus on the following stats:

  • Win %
  • Lost %
  • Draw %
  • Scored 0.5+ %
  • Conceded 0.5+ %

There are many more stats to consider, but I feel these are key to having a successful system when it comes to betting on the HT result and thus HT/FT betting. You might find a side that has conceded hardly any 1H goals but is coming up against one of the better teams in the league, known for outscoring anyone they come up against. This adjusts the risk.

Filter for HT/FT Bets

You can use filters on OddAlerts to find fixtures that suit your exact needs, combining some of the stats mentioned above with odds filtering to find high-value games in a matter of seconds. As the video above shows, you can cut through thousands of games instantly just with a single stat.

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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