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Introducing Foul Alerts

Betting on cards is a hugely popular market, and I’m delighted to introduce a brand new tool for OddAlerts users that will help give them an edge when it comes to betting on player cards. Foul Alerts.

With these new alerts, the data comes to you. OddAlerts will scan all of the games currently being played in the world and let you know when a player has committed a certain number of fouls without being booked.

Why is this so valuable? Well, referees can only let so much slide before they ultimately have to reach into their pockets. If a player has committed a couple of fouls in the first 10 minutes of a game, you’ll know about it. You can customise these alerts to fit the situation you prefer when it comes to betting on player cards. When the alert triggers, you’ll receive a quick link to that players profile, as well as the timings of his/her fouls so far.

It’s important to view this player profile, as it will give you a breakdown of the player and his/her stats for the last 50 games. This includes the minutes played, a key stat to look at when betting on player cards. If a player has just committed their 3rd foul of the game on 55 minutes, but has not played more than 65 minutes in the last 5 games, then it would be wise to avoid betting on that player. I would also suggest checking the referee stats before jumping into card bets of any kind.

This feature follows on from the new Live page and Player Stats, both part of OddAlerts v5. If you are interested in testing these features before the general release, you can do so by becoming a Pro user.

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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