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Announcing OddAlerts v5

It’s that time again. Time to start planning and building a set of new features for a big launch and another milestone in the journey of OddAlerts. This article will give you some insight into how I will be releasing the features that are part of a larger v5 launch.

It’s been 6 months since v4 launched, an update that introduced Quick Filters, xG, Odds Comparison, Rivalries, Discord and automated Referee Alerts to the site on a single day. Between v4 and v5, I have also introduced features such as: Trends, Live Filtering, New Alerts Page, Player Booking Polls, League Availability Alerts, Daily Digest, BOTD, Bet Tracking, Quick Stats, Correct Score Page, and tons of smaller improvements.

I plan to make v5 the biggest single release in the history of OddAlerts, with 8 new features planned. These are not improvements to current pages, or small updates. They are completely new tools. This will be a tough task, but one I am incredibly excited to undertake. If we’re being honest, some of those features that launched in the last couple of months (Bet Tracking, Trends, Correct Scores) could have been headline features for v5, but I mostly work on inspiration and when something is ready, I just want to get it out there to receive feedback on it. It’s this want that has driven the decision to launch the v5 features as and when they are ready, as part of a new testing program for Pro users. This way, I can still have v5 be a large release with 8 new features, but when that general release comes, they will have been refined thanks to the excellent feedback of Pro users. This also allows me to continue frequently shipping new things to the site.

As I mention in the video above, these 8 features are not “Pro Exclusives”, but they will be until v5 officially launches. You can think of this as a beta program. I’ll also be implementing a quick way to send feedback from any of the pages on OddAlerts (and no, that’s not one of the 8 features!).

If you are a Pro users, be on the lookout for new features soon!

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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