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10 Predictions In A Row on OddAlerts

Wow, the users on OddAlerts have been absolutely smashing it with their football predictions! Let's take a moment to celebrate some of their impressive achievements.

Starting off with Rustam, who not only finished in the top 10 percentile of users across a single gameweek but was also crowned the Gameweek Champion, finishing above all players on OddAlerts. Rustam also had a perfect day, correctly predicting 4/4 games, and even managed to predict 5 games in a row, earning the Five-Fold title.

Gejza B and Sergio also deserve a round of applause. Gejza B finished in the top 10% of users, had a perfect day, and even went on to become the Monthly Champion, an amazing achievement indeed!

Now, let's talk about Sergio. Not only did he finish in the top 10% and had a perfect day, but he also achieved something truly remarkable - the Perfect Ten title. That's right, Sergio correctly predicted 10 games in a row, showcasing his exceptional football prediction skills. Hats off to Sergio!

Our user Keith, also known as crazyduck147, has been on a roll, finishing in the top 10% and having multiple perfect days. He also correctly predicted 5 and 6 games in a row, earning the Five-Fold and Super Six titles respectively.

JHAMES and Michael Alavesa (Nuuska89) both had multiple perfect days and managed to predict 7 games in a row, earning the Lucky Seven title. Stefanovic, tiago89, and Rapheal Omoh also made it to the top 10% of users, with Stefanovic and tiago89 correctly predicting 5 and 6 games in a row respectively.

And finally, a shout out to our users who achieved the Perfect Day title, including Longman, Ben, Kanivier, Jamie C Macleod, Boschie73, Razvan (Razvanr10), Punter Randos, Callistus, Ephron baptiste, chimaobi ogbueri, J.O.K.E.R ~🃏, Okorie, Daniel, JAIROS KASEKERA, and Andy.

Keep up the great work, everyone! Your football prediction skills are truly impressive.

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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