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Bet Tracking Launches on OddAlerts

I’m delighted to introduce Bet Tracking on OddAlerts, a new way to stay on top of your betting and get a better understanding of where you are going right (or wrong) and make adjustments. In this post, I will explain how bet tracking works, why I feel it’s crucial to adopt as part of your betting strategy, and what I have planned for this new feature.

Why Should You Track Your Bets?

I’m a firm believer in tracking your bets. It helps you stay in control of what you are betting on. Anyone who’s serious about trying to make more money through football betting will come across bet tracking before too long. Opting to invest money without it would be foolish. It’s a tool that can be used to guide future bets and works wonders for analysing your betting history and seeing where you are having the most success.

Tracking Your Bets |

I have used many services to track bets and always seemed to revert back to the basics of a spreadsheet. You really do feel in control there. It’s simple, fast and flexible. However, it shared the same pain point for me as all of the other bet tracking solutions that I tried. It was not built for betting on football. Meaning that after all of my bets had settled on my bookmaker, I would have to go into my spreadsheet and manually update the fields. Depending on the number of bets or betting strategies you have running at the moment, this could take a pretty long time.

This laborious task was the spark in my mind that inspired me to build bet tracking into OddAlerts. The platform has come a long way since launching in June 2020 and is no longer just about setting alerts on football matches. Just like Filters, xG, Modelling, Availability Alerts, Referee Stats, and more... It’s exciting to introduce bet tracking as the latest feature included in OddAlerts. It will certainly not be the last.

A Familiar UI (User Interface)

After deciding to develop bet tracking over the Christmas period, the first thing I wanted to get right was the way users would submit bets. It had to be easy and familiar. I decided to adopt a bet slip approach, so that saving a bet on OddAlerts would not feel dissimilar to placing the actual bet on with your bookmaker. This also allows you to flow through fixtures and add multiple bets to your bet tracking at once. This is also something that I struggled with other websites. You would have to add one bet at a time, often typing the name of the fixture and your bet.

Bet Tracking UI |

Finding a fixture to add to your bet tracking is really easy. Select the league, change the date, or find the fixture inside your favourites.

Automated Settlement

As mentioned previously, the biggest pain point for me personally when it came to tracking my bets was the task of manually updating the result of those bets. With OddAlerts, this is a thing of the past. We use the data at hand to automatically settle your bets and update your bankrolls with the respective profit or loss. I completely understand why the other websites do not offer this. It’s hard, but I believe the end result is worth it.

Bet Tracking Alerts

At launch, I will offer a decent selection of markets for support with bet tracking and will be adding to the available markets as soon as possible. Adding markets also requires building the logic to determine the result of that bet, so this is why I feel it’s best to launch markets one at a time.

Bankrolls & System Management

Your bets are sorted into bankrolls. You can think of these as different groups of bets, or betting systems. You can create as many as you like, or have all of your bets in a a single place. The system is flexible and when saving bets, it’s really easy to place them into multiple bankrolls.

Bankroll Management |

I will also be exploring the possibility of more “public” bankrolls that users can contribute towards. The first of these is the “#BOTD” bankroll. This allows users to post what they feel is the best football bet of the day into the bankroll for other users to vote on. Soon, you will be able to share your bankrolls or individual bets with friends.

Building For The Community

Bet tracking makes up a massive part of the overall betting strategy for so many OddAlerts users, and it’s this reason that has me keeping things simple for this initial launch of bet tracking on OddAlerts. I am looking to improve on this “v1” with the amazing feedback of the community. It has helped shape so many of the features we all love on OddAlerts, so I have no doubt that bet tracking will be the same. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, then please don’t hesitate to send me a message on Discord or on Twitter.

Happy Tracking! 📈

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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