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An Update to Football Predictions (And Gameweek Summary!)

Exciting Update to Football Predictions Game

You will start to notice some new things around Predictions on OddAlerts. The first change I’m making is to open up the daily limit on the number of Predictions you can make. Previously, it was 4 per day. This approach was amazing at setting the tone for the quality of predictions on OddAlerts.

However, I think allowing the same number of Predictions per week but not having that daily cap will take the feature to the next level. You now have 28 predictions per game week. Use them however you like to get the best possible score! The high-level goal of Predictions is to get you better at... Predicting! You can then take the habits and skills into real-world betting strategy.

Gameweek Summary:

This past game-week on OddAlerts was nothing short of spectacular, with our users showing off their football prediction prowess. Let's take a moment to recognize some of the standout performances.

Firstly, a big shout-out to Steven, our 'Flyboy', who not only finished in the top 10% of users but was also crowned the Gameweek Champion, winning a free month of Pro! What a fantastic achievement, Steven!

Sergio, Michael Alavesa (aka Nuuska89), and MikeS177 (aka MikeS) also deserve a round of applause for their impressive performances. Sergio had a perfect day, correctly predicting 4/4 games, and went on to correctly predict 5 games in a row. Michael Alavesa, on the other hand, had not one, but two perfect days, and also managed to predict 7 games in a row correctly. MikeS177 outdid himself with three perfect days and a crazy streak of 8 correct predictions in a row.

Kingsley was on fire this game-week, with four perfect days and a whopping 10 games predicted correctly in a row. That's what we call a 'Perfect Ten'!

We also had a host of users who finished in the top 10% of users on OddAlerts, including Ante, zyrant, Rustam, Albert, Kingsley, John Clark, theriddler, Rapheal Omoh, Nuno Alves, and Lucy Tickner. Well done to all of you!

Lastly, we had a number of users who had a 'Perfect Day', including Robert, Gejza B, Dadda E, Den, footysystems, Jamie C Macleod, Andy, mark collier, Ben, JHAMES, tiago89, chimaobi ogbueri, Federico Rojas, Daniel, Dave Howarth, Jamie Shelley, Joe, Peris, xaviercris yomi, and valeru07.

Congratulations to all our users for their impressive performances this game-week. Keep up the good work, and let's see who comes out on top next time!

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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