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OddAlerts API Launching September 1st

OddAlerts is launching an API on September 1st. ‘API’ means you can access the raw data that powers OA, allowing you to build your own tools and betting models, or your own database for filtering. The API plan will be an available upgrade to Pro and the cost will start at £49.99 per month.

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As the European season has ended, that means OddAlerts users now have the chance to grab a Season Ticket before sales close again on September 1st. It’s not just for saving money. A season ticket also comes with many perks and benefits, including the ability to get your hands on innovative tools and features before they are released to the public.

I’m also delighted to announce another benefit for season ticket holders and one that more than doubles the value of it. Holders will be able to access the OddAlerts API from this very moment, up until 3 MONTHS AFTER the API has initially launched. That’s access to the raw data that runs through OddAlerts until the end of November, all as part of the season ticket. If you decide that the API, programming custom data, or developing custom betting systems is not for you, then you still have OddAlerts Pro and the other season ticket perks for another 9 months!

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Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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