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Launching The Football Trends API Endpoint

Access the raw data behind the Trends pages, including related stats and the ability to filter and sort. The OddAlerts API is available to Season Ticket holders until it's full launch in September. The video below gives an example of how to use this endpoint in Postman.

The trends endpoint will have the following syntax:


And as of now, has the following trends accepted:

  • homeWin
  • draw
  • awayWin
  • btts
  • over15
  • over25

This endpoint will allow the user to get the top teams for any given stat. I will also include “key stats” per team. You can view an example response here. This is going to be a fantastic first endpoint on the api and the feedback will guide me when crafting the rest of the API. Those with an OddAlerts Season Ticket will have early access until the full launch in September.

The good thing about the OddAlerts API will be that people can set their timezones (and other settings) within the website itself and these changes are then reflected in the endpoints themselves. This is something a lot of API companies miss, and I don’t blame them as they are just trying to sell pure data.

By default, this endpoint will present games sorted by that particular stat. However, you are able to filter and sort to suit your needs. You can do this using the following parameters:

  • sort=stat
  • minStat=50
  • maxStat=100
  • minOdds=1
  • minOdds=2.56
  • duration=43200

View API Documentation

The values at this moment for sorting are: stat, time, and odds. The min and max values will filter the % or average of the particular stat, so an example for home wins might be:

This will show me games with teams that have won 65% or more of their home games, ordered by the highest odds.

The duration parameter is looking for seconds, and it’s the amount of time you want to pull games for. So 43200 in the list above would show me the trends for the next 12 hours. Google has a nice X to seconds converter inline on their results page. The maximum for this parameter is 5 days in advance.

If you would like to return a list of games that only shows games with odds, then simply include minOdds=1 to your API call. You do not need to set a max, but can do so if you need. You can find your API Token on the settings page.

When the API is called, you will see your current settings in human form so you know what you’re looking at.

Written by Joe (Founder @ OddAlerts)

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