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Finding Consistently Performing Teams with Trends

Added on 26th March 2023

In this video, Joe demonstrates the power and ease of use of OddAlerts Trends pages, showing you how to navigate the platform and make the most of its features. Learn how to analyze the trends and patterns of teams worldwide, uncover high-probability games for your desired markets, and make informed decisions that could boost your winning chances.

Thousands of Teams Filtered in Seconds

OddAlerts Trends is a powerful tool that brings together data from teams all around the world, sorted by specific occurrences like BTTS, home wins, over 2.5 goals, and more. Joe guides you through this valuable resource, helping you spot patterns and make informed predictions whilst giving advice on his own methods.

Below is an introduction into just a select few of the Trends pages that are offered:

Quickly Find Strong Home Teams

Joe highlights the benefits of exploring the Home Wins Trends page. Learn how to quickly identify the teams with the most home victories in the next 5 days and gain a valuable edge in your betting strategy.

Find The Best Away Teams

Discover the world of away wins with Joe's walkthrough of the Away Wins Trends page. Gain insights into teams with strong away game performance and use this information to your advantage.

Over 2.5 Goals: High-Scoring Games

Looking for high-scoring matches? This trends page is a great shortlist for that. Joe shows you how to use the Over 2.5 Goals Trends page to find teams that consistently deliver matches with more than 2.5 goals. Setting an alert on the odds is a breeze, as shown in the video on this page.

Master the Under 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

Find potential low-scoring games with Joe's guidance on the Under 2.5 Goals Trends page. Use this data to refine your under 2.5 goals betting strategy and increase your chances of success. Again, it's a great starting point when you are new to a market.

First Half Goals: Made for Alerts!

Explore the world of first-half goals and unlock betting opportunities with Joe's tips on the First Half Goals Trends page. This page will rank all teams in the world by the numeber of games that have seen a goal scored in the first 45 minutes. You can capture the odds as they rise using the quick alerts feature on this page.

Half with Most Goals: A Personal Favourite

The trends pages are a great place to explore different markets and possibly find a new favourite, just like I did with the Half with Most Goals Trends page.

Throughout the video, Joe also shows you how to set alerts for high-probability games in a matter of seconds. Simply click the bell icon to receive notifications about the games you're interested in, and stay ahead of the betting game.