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Finding Games for 2.5+ Goals Betting (Focus on Setting Alerts)

Added on 12th August 2023

In this tutorial, Joe creates a quick filter with the intention of finding games that should contain a decent number of goals.

We can use the probability model that runs through OddAlerts to do a lot of the the initial heavy lifting, but we can then add additional qualifying rules, such as the percentage of games that both teams scored in across the last 10 games.

As with all of the tutorials on OddAlerts, Joe will try to do them as naturally as possible. Nothing is planned or scripted.

In this video, we came across a live game so Joe explores it further, giving his thoughts on why these games are just another reason to use the probability model. This game had a rating of 84% and was 2-1 after 33 minutes.

The probability model also powers the value betting section of OddAlerts. Joe touches on the implied odds from the model in this video and how you can use it to your advantage.

If you play along with this tutorial, you can then save the filter and access it at any time. If you have any suggestions, or would like to discuss filters and methods with other OddAlerts users, you can do that on our football betting discord.