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Key Tips When Analysing Football Matches & Reading Stats

Added on 27th March 2023

In this insightful video, Joe, the founder of OddAlerts, offers a valuable look into his thought process when analyzing football matches for the first time. By sharing his initial reactions and insights as he encounters games, Joe aims to help you refine your match prediction skills. To follow along, he uses the Trends pages on OddAlerts, where teams playing in the next five days are ranked based on various data-points.

Deep Analysis: The Key to Accurate Predictions

The key to making accurate football match predictions lies in the depth of your analysis. Joe encourages you to dig deeper when examining matches, leaving no stone unturned. By thoroughly investigating every aspect of a game, you will gradually develop a habit that leads to more informed decisions and accurate predictions.

Using Bet Tracking to Refine Your Skills

While you're building this habit, there's no shame in practicing with paper bets. Logging your bets using a tool like bet tracking allows you to monitor your progress without risking real money. The bet tracking feature on OddAlerts automatically settles bets for you and sends notifications on the status of your bet, making it easier to focus on refining your analytical skills.

We hope this video sheds light on the factors that Joe considers when scanning stats for football match predictions. By observing his thought process, you can learn how to approach matches with a critical eye and develop the skills necessary for making accurate predictions. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and exploring new strategies to become a match prediction expert.